CROWN LANDS Transcend to Epic, Prog-Rock Heights with Release of Sophomore Album ‘Fearless’

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Following a stream of long, conceptual single releases, today Juno Award-winning, powerhouse rock duo CROWN LANDSCody Bowles (vocals and drums) and Kevin Comeau (guitar, bass, and keys)—proudly release their modern-day progressive opus, “Fearless”, their sophomore album, through Spinefarm Records/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

“Fearless” is available across all streaming platforms and on vinyl, presented as a 2 LP in standard black and deluxe color variant both accented with a zoetrope design.

Order “Fearless”  HERE

The nine-track album follows CROWN LANDS’ self-titled debut (2020). It was recorded in 80A Studio at Universal Studio in Toronto with producer David Bottrill (Rush, Muse, Tool, Mastodon) and came together over a six-month period in short, intense bursts between tours. Where the debut record showcased CROWN LANDS‘ aptitude for raw blues rock, “Fearless” embraces more of the band’s earliest passions in prog-rock. The album is an unapologetically rich, ambitious work yet easily accessible, plus fans will notice some previously released tracks “Context: Fearless Pt. I” and “Right Way Back” that act as familiar touch-points framing in the new soundscape.

 “’Fearless’ is the culmination of all our years as a band. Everything we have worked on as writers and players is on full display here. I think we were both able to do what we wanted to do as artists for so long.Rather than clobber its audience with complexity, ‘Fearless’ creates a world you want to spend time in.”  

Bowles anticipates, “I hope that our playing on this record inspires people to kind of take up playing in that way. It’s something that’s not so common now, but when you get into it, it’s just so beautiful.”

“Fearless”is also a record of contrasts and dynamic textures. Nine tapestries of tone, where atmospheric swathes morph into strident guitars, dexterous poly-rhythms and gnarly basslines – Bowles’ strange, beautiful tenor soaring over the top like a bird over a mythological land. On the 18-minute lead single, “Starlifter: Fearless Pt. II”, CROWN LANDS proclaim, “it is perhaps the most ambitious piece of music that we have written to this point. I suppose we intended it to be the centerpiece of this record.” That first track throws down the gauntlet, capturing the whole “Fearless” album experience

“Fearless” Artwork

“The rest of the album serves to continue the themes we explore on ‘Starlifter: Fearless Pt. II’. It was an absolute pleasure to work with David Bottril. He is a true musical genius and a hell of a guy. We’re so proud of this record. It’s the best body of work we have assembled to date.”

Elsewhere, “Reflections” turns the spotlight on CROWN LANDS themselves. Written mid-pandemic, it’s a tender, stirring moment that finds Bowles and Comeau navigating a rocky period in their friendship – blending personal experience into the interstellar imagery that underpins the record.

Offering a ray of stripped-back sunlight, acoustic instrumental “Penny”– written years ago by Comeau, for his late grandmother – reflects the delicate atmospherics of John Butler (a huge influence on the guitarist).

“Citadel” offers velvety, piano-led closure, drawing “Fearless” to an end in six gorgeously moody minutes. A folk-hearted ode to environmental defenders, it’s a space where Pink Floyd meets Bob Dylan. “We wanted to flip the narrative and reinterpret the way people see people defending their land,” Bowles explains. “Because they’re depicted in the media as a thorn in people’s sides, but they should be celebrated as heroes, because they’re trying to save the last bit of land that is untouched and untainted by corporations.”<

Earlier this month, CROWN LANDS released their BBC Live Session, recorded last year at the legendary Maida Vale Studio with BBC Radio 1. The session includes live performances of three of the band’s most notable tracks, “White Buffalo,” “The Witching Hour (Electric Witch)” and “Context: Fearless Pt. I.”


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