BUCKCHERRY Rocks Up the Holidays with New Song “Tell ‘Em It’s Christmas”

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Californian rock band Buckcherry has taken a surprising turn this holiday season with the release of their new song “Tell ‘Em It’s Christmas.” Known for their edgy and hard-hitting style, Buckcherry has infused their signature sound with a festive twist, bringing a unique energy to the Christmas music landscape.

In a message accompanying the song’s release, Buckcherry stated, “DECK THE HALLS AND LIGHT THE LIGHTS! So excited to kick off the holiday season with our new track, ‘Tell ‘Em It’s Christmas’, available everywhere NOW!! ‘Ready to feel the spirit of the season Buckcherry style?'”

The song’s infectious melody and relatable lyrics capture the essence of the holiday season while maintaining Buckcherry‘s signature rock and roll flair. Check out the lyric video below.


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