Brazilian Band NOTURNALL Debuts Video Featuring DREAM THEATER’s Frontman JAMES LABRIE

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Brazilian metallers, NOTURNALL  have released a video filmed at their Noturnall Freakshow! concert, which took place on April 24th at the Porto Seguro Theater in São Paulo, featuring DREAM THEATER singer James LaBrie with them. LaBrie played four shows with NOTURNALL in South America, with the São Paulo gig recorded for a DVD.

Prior to the first concert, James declared:NOTURNALL are a huge heavy metal band down in South America. They’ve asked me to come in, and I’m gonna sing five songs a night: two DREAM THEATER songs, two solo songs, and then I’m gonna share the vocal duties with their vocalist, Thiago Bianchi, on one of their songs. So it’s just gonna be a fun gig.”

The entire show was submerged in a dark and mysterious aura, plus all the songs bring tricks of illusion, performed by the band itself and produced behind the curtains by the great Brazilian magician, Wander RabellowNOTURNALL currently consists of Thiago Bianchi (vocals), Fernando Quesada (bass), Junior Carelli (keyboards), Bruno Henrique (guitar) and Henrique Pucci (drums).

NOTURNALL‘s third studio album, “9”, was released last year. Bianchi stated about the record: ‘9’ is about of the mysteries of the number Nine. If you take a good look at the album cover, you’ll learn that are 9 secrets on it. The cover shows the Planet 9 (the planet is supposed to be circling our solar system), passing near by earth, changing its climate, bringing an apocalypse to mankind, showing NOTURNALL‘s mascot ‘Jurará‘ as its leader and she would bring the good word of real meaning to the world. Inside the the actual CD booklet, you can also find the ‘Nine Commandments,’ which talks about a post-apocalypse world, where you’ll find the 9 guides of how to ‘restart’ mankind. A way we could really evolve our race to its maximum potential as it should be.”



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