AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE (Featuring AS I LAY DYING Frontman TIM LAMBESIS) Drops Music Video For New Single “Destroy The Machines”

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After nearly 10 years of absence, Austrian Death Machine muscled its way back into the scene with the announcement of its first new album in a decade, “Quad Brutal”.

Scheduled for release on February 23, 2024, via Napalm Records“Quad Brutal” features 10 tracks of heavyweight thrash-infused extremity and sprint-worthy speed. It will instantly have listeners coming back for more — ready for endless reps and skipping nothing (except maybe leg day).

Following the band’s raging latest singles “No Pain No Gain” and “Don’t Be Lazy”Austrian Death Machine — the unmissable project helmed by As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis — returns with another new burner, the “Terminator” – inspired track “Destroy The Machines”. Featuring vocals from Tim‘s third wife, Dany Lambesis, and deft guitar work by Mark MacDonald and Joey Alarcon, the track combines the blistering metalcore and thrash-infused savagery known to both man and machine kind.

Tim Lambesis says about “Destroy The Machines”: “AI has begun taking over, and it happening pretty quickly. Arnold warned us about it back in 1991, and we should have listened. 33 years later I’m doing to best I can to spread the message that will save humanity. We must destroy the machines. Or at very least we should have a lot of fun singing about it. The vision I had in mind while writing the opening riff was to create a war march. Since AI can create song now, I challenge it to write one this aggressive. It’s my sonic war against the machines, and I believe I’m victorious… at least for now.”

Pre-order “Quad Brutal” HERE.

In historic Austrian Death Machine fashion, “Quad Brutal” is supported by a slew of guests on each track — in addition to vocal contributions from Dany Lambesis, tracks on “Quad Brutal” are supercharged by professional bodybuilders and vocalists Craig Golias and Rob Bailey, vocalist Ricky Hoover, guitar virtuosos Angel VivaldiClayton KingBrandon Richter, Joey Alarcon and more.

Absolute units like relentless debut single “No Pain No Gain”, hammering “Get Down”, apocalyptic harbinger “Judgment Day” and massive “I Never Quit” blister and groove with unmatched fury, while death-meets-metalcore burners like “Destroy The Machines”“MeatGrinder” and “Don’t Be Lazy” explode with the colossal strength of Ahhnold himself. On the other end of the weight bench, large and in charge head-spinners like “Conquer” and “Hey Bro Can You Spot Me?” bring the brutality without sacrificing melody, and will have fans of Lambesis‘s other projects turning their heads.

Lambesis says about “Quad Brutal”: “Being commissioned by The Govournator to sonically encompass the brutality of ’80s action, bodybuilding, and judgment day into one album is a task that comes with great responsibility. First, I had to make it brutal of course. Then, I had to make sure to include choruses so that people don’t forget the great wisdom of Ahhnold‘s words. And since it’s the fourth album, I had to really work on my quad strength at the gym to someday be ready to carry the weight of the world from the album cover when it’s passed along to me someday. The result is an album that is much more diverse than any ADM album I’ve written, and in the spectrum of heavy, it is the most brutal by a long shot when you hear all 10 songs.”

“Quad Brutal” track listing:

1. No Pain No Gain (Featuring Craig Golias, Angel Vivaldi)
2. Conquer (Featuring HELLBØRN, Clayton King)
3. Hey Bro Can You Spot Me? (Featuring Craig Golias, Alarcon)
4. Judgment Day (Featuring Ov Sulfur)
5. Everybody Pities The Weak (Featuring HELLBØRN)
6. Don’t Be Lazy (Featuring Craig Golias)
7. Get Down (Featuring Craig Golias)
8. Destroy The Machines (Featuring Dany Lambesis)
9. MeatGrinder (Featuring HELLBØRN)
10. I Never Quit (Featuring Kill Rob Bailey, Craig Golias, Bleeding Through)

Austrian Death Machine launched 15 years ago as a one-man band, triumphing as the metal scene’s newest obsession with their 2008 debut album, “Total Brutal”. After releasing two more acclaimed albums in 2009 and 2014, the one-man band did the impossible — they broke up. After a decade of regrowth and rebirth, and with the help of good friends by his side, Lambesis finally felt inspired to work on new music for the project, now emerging as “Quad Brutal” — chock full of the band’s most heavy, breakneck riffage, non-stop pummeling rhythms, and Arnold-approved ferocity yet. 

Austrian Death Machine is prepared to climb back to the top of their weight class – packing more punch than Mr. Universe himself with “Quad Brutal”.


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