STEVE ROTHERY on MARILLION’s New Album “An Hour Before It’s Dark”: ‘The Lyrics at Times Can Be Dark, But There’s an Incredible Joy in the Music’

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With 43 years of music under their belts and a demanding yet extremely dedicated fan base, MARILLION‘s approach to making music remains fresh to this day. Granted, the pandemic made their writing process a little bit more complicated than usual, but they came out of it with yet another incredible offering. Entitled “Ah Hour Before It’s Dark”, their 20th studio album was released on this past March 4th, and sees the band addressing issues as diverse as possible. Check out our full dissection of the album here.

Containing seven tracks, the new album takes the listener through many different sonic avenues, where uplifting passages are matched with sometimes gloomy lyrics.  Steve Hogarth‘s lyrical palette seamlessly travels from global warming to Leonard Cohen, from diamond mining in Africa to Covid-19.  Musically, this is one of their greatest albums of late, with the idea of stitching together the best moments of their jams yielding great results.

Like its predecessor, 2016’s critically acclaimed and chart-topping album “F*** Everyone and Run (F E A R)”, “An Hour Before It’s Dark” was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, which also provided the perfect backdrop for the carefully chosen selection of behind-the-scenes footage in form of a documentary on the making of the album and a performance of “Murder Machines” from Real World that was released together with the album. Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf spent some time with guitarist Steve Rothery, and the pair discussed the making of the album, the early stages of the band’s career, touring plans and much more. As usual remember that for more interviews and other daily content, make sure to follow Sonic Perspectives on Facebook, Flipboard and Twitter and  subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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