GREG SPAWTON & ALBERTO BRAVIN Discuss The Inception Of BIG BIG TRAIN New Album: “We Needed To Make The Best Album We Possibly Could, Us At The Top Of Our Game.” 

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Big Big Train is a band with an extraordinary history of 25 years, replete with personnel changes dozens of times over. The main constant throughout the years has been Gregory Spawton, whose guitar and bass playing define the band’s sound as much as his songwriting. From the highs of bringing in David Longdon, Nick D’Virgilio, Dave Gregory, Rikard Sjöblom, and others for an extraordinary run of albums, to the lows of the tragic passing of Longdon and many changeovers in the band’s lineup, there is a unique thread that has run consistently throughout the band’s history.

However, following Longdon’s passing there was an uncertainty if the band would carry on or not. Once it was decided that yes, Big Big Train still had a future yet to be discovered, it was clear that the next studio album would have to deliver a defining statement.

“The Likes Of Us” Album Artwork

In this interview with Spawton and new lead singer Alberto Bravin, Scott Medina explores the journey that the band took in creating one of their finest albums yet, even as they reinvented themselves once more with “The Likes Of Us”. We discuss the stories behind the songs, the vetting process of the new singer, their upcoming tour of the States and beyond, plus much more.

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