STEVE BROWN On ACE FREHLEY’s “10,000 Volts” Record: “ACE Had 100% Say Over Every Aspect On This Album”

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Ace Frehley‘s newest studio album, “10,000 Volts,” has been met with critical acclaim and chart-topping success, due in part to Steve Brown‘s involvement as co-writer and co-producer. Together, they forged a dynamic partnership and chemistry that shines bright on this release.

The album showcases Ace’s incombustible vocals and guitar playing as he delivers his signature sound, which only the Space Ace can do. Ace impressively leaps from the powerhouse opener of “10,000 Volts” to the poppy “Cherry Medicine” to the soulful balladry of “Back into My Arms Again.” He closes the album with an epic guitar instrumental, “Stratosphere,” in all its grandeur. Eleven songs in all!

Steve has also been busy with Trixter, which recently completed a tour with Mr. Big and a UK acoustic tour. They are now back in the US, performing loud and electrical. They also have an upcoming tour starting this May with Enuff Z’nuff and Pretty Boy Floyd. Ticket and VIP packages are available HERE.

Correspondent Robert Cavuoto spoke to Steve Brown about the creation of “10,000 Volts” with his guitar hero, and how he worked Ace hard to get the best results. Fans will be excited to hear Ace will release an expanded edition of “10,000 Volts” with some new songs and alternate versions of existing songs. Steve also shares what it was like for Trixter to be joined by Pete Loran in Arizona on three songs during Trixter‘s set.

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