VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch FINDING ELYSIUM Video for Striking Rendition of HEART’s “Alone”

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Often the only two women in their classes at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, they quickly became friends, bonding over a shared love of fantasy games, books, and films. Soon after, the newfound duo assumed the name FINDING ELYSIUM.

Singer Angie Grayfox first moved from Russia to New Jersey at the age of 13 to train full-time to be a figure skater, but by age 17, the sport left her badly hurt. It forced her to think of what her next step would be and the teen came back to her life-long love of music. When she made the move to LA to study music full time, Angie met her future bandmate Noel.

Guitarist Noel Waters has music in her blood. She is a fourth-generation musician going all the way back to her great grandmother, a stride ragtime piano player who worked in the silent movie theaters in the 1920’s. She’s studied multiple instruments and styles, including winds, percussion, keyboard and her main instrument, guitar, which she honed during her four years of studies at the Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood CA, where she also met her future FINDING ELYSIUM bandmates. While initially wanting to be a studio musician/touring guitar player, she quickly found a love for music production and composition.

“Noel Waters is a top-class musician who presents with power, musicality and grace who can beautifully deliver an awesome performance!”- Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater

“Since starting FINDING ELYSIUM with Angie, the comparison we most often receive is to the band Heart,” explains singer/guitarist Noel Waters. Ann and Nancy Wilson have been huge influences on us since we were old enough to make sound out of our vocal cords or hold an instrument. I thought it would be fun to take one of their hits and try to put our own spin on it. I believe that a song contains hooks that aren’t just found in the vocals. For example, when people hear Heart’s version of ‘Alone,’ they often think of that piano motif in the intro. I basically kept that same melody throughout as a recurring ostinato theme, and completely started from scratch around it. I kept the harmonic progression the same while reharmonizing wherever I felt it was necessary. I really wanted to honor the rock ballad vibe of the original, while adding some programmed synth layers to break up some of the live instruments. For the solo, I wanted to pay homage to the original, but also bring a little of my own style into it.”

What makes the release of their favorite Heart song even more special and meaningful to FINDING ELYSIUM is Noel Waters’ latest gift to herself: the new Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic signature guitar that she proudly plays on the track. She recently did a demo and review of the guitar on FINDING ELYSIUM’s official YouTube page, which can be seen below as well.

The band has also been hosting performances and chat sessions on their Twitch page a few times a week.


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