Rockers DEAD BROKE Premiere Music Video For Psychedelic-Infused New Single ‘Abattoir’

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Dead Broke is the graduated punk rock band you’ve been looking for – the soundtrack to your late night at the dive bar, your after-hours nights, and the long walk home as you watch the sun creep up. Led by sibling duo Michael & Rachel Bright and backed by Evan Saunders and Zack Carlan, their sound is a fun, frenzied, infectious mix of punk and desert rock.

Today we are premiering their new single ‘Abattoir’, which marks the third look into their upcoming album “When The Night Comes In”, and is close to the band’s heart. Boasting beautiful synths, big bass, and a beat you can set your watch to, the track is a bit of a departure from the bombastic drums and loud guitars we’ve heard on the previous two singles. Check out the music video below, and stream ‘Abattoir’ HERE.

Dead Broke‘Abattoir’

Commenting on the new song, Michael Bright said: “We are so amped to be premiering our new video for ‘Abattoir’ right here with Sonic Perspectives. This publication covers so many incredible artists and we’re thrilled to be in great company as we release one of our most exciting music videos to date.”

“There’s a basement in our family that has stood still since the 1970s. It feels a bit haunted. It’s a relic of an old world that’s been forgotten and buried beneath decades of technological fixation. A room once filled with life and enjoyment by generations of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who have all since grown up and moved on, now sits this museum of a living room.”

“‘Abattoir’ speaks of the disconnection and isolation that you face when living a life that doesn’t feel like your own anymore. We feel that this room completely embodies those feelings, so to bring new life to it was very fulfilling. It’s the perfect space to welcome you into the world of Dead Broke.”

Pre-order “When The Night Comes In” AT THIS LOCATION.

On the upcoming album, Michael Bright commented, excitedly, that it “feels like a metric ton being lifted off my shoulders now that the world can finally tune in to what we’ve been working away at. It’s by far the best thing we’ve done to date. We are finally arriving at a sonic identity that we’ve been striving towards for some time. It has been such a journey, but to have this set of songs that I can comfortably share with just about anybody has brought me to a new confidence level in songwriting.”

Rachel Bright added that “the production of this record spans pre to post global pandemic and it feels surreal to finally release it. When The Night Comes In is a new benchmark for the band – new songs to flaunt!”

Over the last couple of months, the band has been making a triumphant return to the scene with their first releases in three years – ‘Not Yours To Take’ and ‘Not There Yet’, which you can also check out further down below.

Taken from the album, the singles hit hard from start to finish with an evidently grunge-inspired vocal approach and keeps you on the hook all the way through. The distinct, echoing guitars are met with incendiary drum hooks, amplifying every moment. While the grunge and punk influences are clear out of the gate, particularly in ‘Not Yours To Take’, these tracks waste no time showcasing the band’s myriad of musical influences, with ‘Not There Yet’ shining through in true rock ‘n’ roll form.

Dead Broke will celebrate the release of “When The Night Comes In” with a performance on December 16th @ The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario.


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