TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Episode No. 4 (Spock’s Beard – “Noise Floor”, the 2018 RoSfest Festival and Threshold – “Legends Of The Shires”)

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Talking Perspectives‘ episode number 4 is here, and it’s our longest one to date, yet we promise you it’s worth your time! We had two special guest with us for this episode, and their insightful comments and opinions took our conversation to a whole new level. In this fourth episode of the series we discussed about the following:

  • The upcoming release of the Spock’s Beard new album entitled Noise Floor. Ted Leonard, the band’s singer joined us for the chat (Check out our review of the album here)
  • The upcoming Rites of Spring Festival, also known by RoSfest, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Festival’s mastermind George Roldan joined us for the chat (Tickets for sale at this location and also check out last year in-deep review of the event here)
  • The latest Threshold album Legends of the Shires, and their current tour (Check out our review of the album here)

You can listen to the whole chat below, or subscribe to our podcast to be notified about the upcoming episodes, as well as any other content we publish almost on daily basis.


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