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One of the darlings of Cruise to the Edge the past many years has been Dave Kerzner who has been so prominent that he practically could compete against Mike Portnoy as “Mayor of Cruise to the Edge”. Still, new Cruisers may not be familiar with his name so we wanted to spotlight this fantastic artist and what he’ll be bringing to CTTE this time around.

Kerzner first made a name for himself as a prime architect of the band Sound of Contact, which saw him partnering with Simon Collins and other talented musicians. He then transitioned to a solo career with the remarkable “New World” album followed by “Static” and subsequent super-group In Continuum. Along with other projects like Mantra Vega and Arc of Life, he’s stayed extremely busy and well-connected in the prog-rock world. His live shows on Cruise to the Edge have often featured special guests like Steve Hackett, Billy Sherwood and Geoff Downes amongst others, in addition to his all-star core band.

For CTTE22 Dave is readying the release of new studio album “The Traveler” and plans to play several new tracks from it. His band will include Matt Dorsey (Sound of Contact) on bass, Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train) on drums, Fernando Perdomo (LA guitar ace, solo artist also featured on CTTE) on guitar, Lorelei & Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd) on vocals and Joe Deninzon in violin. There will be a nice range of material from Dave’s solo albums and the sets will also include some Sound of Contact material since Matt is on board. Plus – added special guest Billy Sherwood (Yes) will be joining the band, so anything is possible!

Dave’s shows have always been some of the most fun on board, as he goes out of his way to create one-time-only unique sets depending on what special guests are available. On one Cruise to the Edge he led a tribute to Greg Lake where they played the entire first King Crimson album with a variety of guest stars sitting in. It was unforgettable and never to be repeated! In other words, keep your eyes out for his name on the schedule and be sure to see what magic he cooks up this time, including the debut of songs from his upcoming album.


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  1. Always look forward to seeing Dave and his fabulous bandmates on these cruises. If you have not done one of these, you are missing one of a kind events that can never be reproduced. Rock on Dave!

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