ALBUM STREAM: Listen to ICE AGE Progstastic And Metal Tinged Return Album “Waves Of Loss And Power”, In Its Entirety

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Let’s face it: 22 years surely feels like a lifetime. It’s a bloody long time. However the guys from ICE AGE beg to differ, as they return, stronger than ever with their third studio album “Waves Of Loss And Power”, which we are streaming in its entirety here today. The songwriting, performances, and production of “Waves Of Loss And Power, boasts a unit firing on all cylinders that cannot be ignored. Judge for yourself by listening below. Believe us when we say, it’ll be worth your time.

“Despite the passage of time, with the addition of life experience, the four of us were again able to conjure the amazing musical chemistry we always had to create “Waves Of Loss And Power” – it’s progressive, dramatic, heavy, thoughtful, and most importantly, we think, original. We hope it resonates emotionally with people.” says the band’s vocalist and keyboardist, Josh Pincus.

 “As the ‘new guy,’ I couldn’t be more proud of this being my formal recording debut with the band on a full-length album. As a true fan of this style of music, I can say that the core essence of what fans love about ICE AGE is fully intact; this record pushes our brand of ‘heavy prog’ to new soaring, melodic heights” remarks bassist Doug Odell

Drummer Hal Aponte adds: “It is with great pride that we release “Waves Of Loss And Power” – not only were we able to write and capture an album that is true to our creative styles; we also managed to give a nod of thanks and respect to our musical heroes in the process – we proudly wear their influences on our sleeves. We hope you enjoy it.”

“Waves Of Loss And Power” is being released on CD and digitally through Laser’s Edge division Sensory Records. Order the CD at the label web-shop HERE , the standard digital version HERE and the 24-bit hi-res version HERE.

Originally formed on Long Island, New York, ICE AGE began as an instrumental outfit under the moniker Monolith in 1991 when college friends Josh Pincus (lead vocals, keyboards) and Jimmy Pappas (guitars) clicked over a mutual passion for classic and progressive rock with a penchant for heavier music undercurrents. With the additions of drummer/percussionist Hal Aponte and bassist Arron DiCesare, the band moved quickly to vocally oriented songwriting, with Pincus stepping up to the microphone.

By the time go-to prog label Magna Carta/Sony snatched up the band, ICE AGE had fully developed their unique sound, which led to 1999’s “The Great Divide.” This ambitious debut stands the test of time, acclaimed and sought-after by progressive rock and prog metal fans alike.

As the band further honed their live chops, they dove with equal fervor into the creation of their sophomore record, 2001’s “Liberation,” pushing the boundaries even further with melodic heights and metallic crunch. Arron moved on, and bassist Doug Odell entered the fold just in time to promote the new album. European touring and festivals followed before the quartet took an extended break.

Fast forward to the late 2010s, where Pappas, Pincus, Aponte, and Odell continued to stay in close contact and found themselves compelled to craft new music with no agenda beyond pleasing themselves. As it quickly became evident that the magic remained, with allure to spare, the band convened for intensive writing and recording sessions over the course of several years. Now, progressive music label Sensory Records is responsible for the band’s triumphant return and a new era for ICE AGE.

Lyrically, Pincus tackles existential conflict and piercing social commentary with equal skill. His compendium of keyboard sounds, textures, and flowing leads are always the perfect elements to make every moment quintessential ICE AGE. As a singer, Pincus sounds as powerful and soulful as ever, arguably even better than fans of the first two albums will recall. With his intricate, original guitar work, Pappas delivers detailed, muscular-metal riffing, and his solos are ‘songs’ unto themselves, rife with melodic phrasing and just the right amount of inspired shred. Aponte’s ability to combine killer chops, musicality, and groove is as vital, spirited, and unique as ever.

Says standout bassist Doug Odell, “Being in a room with these guys writing new songs is nothing short of awe-inducing. They do one thing brilliantly above all else – sounding completely and authentically like nobody but themselves.”

Engineering for “Waves Of Loss And Power” was principally handled by the band’s in-house sonic wizard Jimmy Pappas, with mixing and mastering exquisitely dialed-in by auditory guru Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Dream Theater). The cover art concept and booklet design were brought to life by Bjorn GooBes of Killustrations, with a fresh new band logo by Thomas Ewerhard.

“Waves of Loss and Power” Album Artwork

With this new opus, ICE AGE returns with the most anticipated comeback in the genre. Pincus states, “With age and experience come additional wisdom and maturity (hopefully)…we’ve always been about writing memorable songs and presenting challenging ideas within the progressive rock genre; with “Waves Of Loss And Power, we’ve really achieved that goal. We’re extremely proud of it.”

“Waves Of Loss And Power Track Listing:

1. The Needle’s Eye
2. Riverflow
3. Perpetual Child, Part II: Forever
4. Together Now
5. All My Years
6. Float Away
7. To Say Goodbye, Part IV: Remembrance
8. To Say Goodbye, Part V: Water Child

ICE AGE will also return to the stage this year in support of the new album. The band has already been confirmed to perform at the 2023 edition of ProgPower USA. The massive festival runs from September 6th through 9th and will see the band sharing the stage with the likes of Kamelot, Caligula’s Horse, Myrath, Delain, Green Carnation, Doro, Cynic, Swallow The Sun, and many more. Watch for additional regional dates to post surrounding the release of “Waves Of Loss And Power.”


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