WITHIN TEMPTATION Debuts Music Video For New Single “Entertain You”

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Dutch symphonic metallers WITHIN TEMPTATION have released an official music video for their new single, “Entertain You”. The track is available on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, and can also be seen below.

WITHIN TEMPTATION singer Sharon Den Adel stated about the song: “There’s always a group of people in society that doesn’t fit in and somehow we always have a need to emphasize that they do not fit in by singling them out, cornering them in all sorts of ways — think of viral videos, fights on the streets, etcetera. These people didn’t ask to be different; they simply are just different. The beauty is that by being different, these people bring so much color to our society, since our society is so uniform. These people are not here for our entertainment, so we can feel good about ourselves. If you don’t realize that, it’s maybe time for bit more self reflection and wonder why you are participating in such behavior.”

“Entertain You” is a surprisingly quick follow-up to WITHIN TEMPTATION‘s seventh studio album, “Resist”, which came out in February 2019. Asked in a new interview with Heavy New York if “Entertain You” is a good indication of what fans can expect to hear on WITHIN TEMPTATION‘s next album, Den Adel said: “Well, we don’t know yet, because we have only recorded two songs so far. We have a lot of demos that we still have to work out and to finish. But we wanted to have a few extra songs, and this is one of them, to play at the tour we were supposed to be doing, beside the festivals. But everything is postponed now [due to the coronavirus pandemic], of course. But nevertheless, we decided to release it now because we felt like it’s maybe a good time. Everybody is at home and we need something new to look forward to.”

“Resist” debuted in several Top 10 charts worldwide and was the first WITHIN TEMPTATION album to ever reach a No. 1 position on the official German chart. And now, just a year later, new material is ready to be shared.

With the release of the new single, WITHIN TEMPTATION has embarked on a new adventure by going independent. In this fast-developing digital society, it is now possible to write new tracks and release them almost immediately to the audience. With this quick follow-up, the band will be able to indulge itself in its creative process with no production or time restraints, and release new music within a heartbeat. This will result in both the band and fans always being on the forefront of newly inspired and fresh music.

“Entertain You” arrived one week after the last show of the “Worlds Collide” tour was supposed to happen. The co-headline tour with American rock band EVANESCENCE was originally planned for April, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has now been postponed to September 2020. The trek, for which an impressive 150,000 tickets were sold in eight countries, will go ahead as planned across venues such as the O2 Arena in London, AccorHotels Arena in Paris, Velodrom in Berlin, and Palais 12 in Brussels.


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