WITHERFALL Release New Single “Where Do I Begin?”, New Album “Sounds Of The Forgotten” Arriving In March

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Dark melodic metal outfit Witherfall have shared their new single “Where Do I Begin?”. The track is taken from their upcoming fourth full-length album “Sounds Of The Forgotten”, due out on May 31st 2024 via DeathWave Records.

Commenting on the track, the band explains: “Our upcoming album ‘Sounds Of The Forgotten‘ is our defining statement, a testament to what we in Witherfall hold sacred in the Rock and Metal Zeitgeist. We delve into many forms on ‘Sounds Of The Forgotten’ and one of the truly lost art forms becoming ever rarer is the ‘Power Ballad’. Forgoing cheesy and sometimes hallow tropes about unrequited love we chose to write about our love of music. This ballad is an ode for anyone who finds themselves on their journey (whatever it may be) and fearing that their dream may be slipping away from them. Where do i begin? is a call to find your passion again and revisit those initial reasons for all of your sacrifices.”

With “Where Do I Begin?” Witherfall might just have answered the question of what would happen if Nevermore and Scorpions had ever teamed up for a song… Listen to “Where Do I Begin?” on your favorite music streaming service, or stream it below.

Previously Witherfall have already released the singles “Insidious” and “Ceremony Of Fire”, a track featuring elements that are cornerstones of the Witherfall sonic landscape from dark haunting hooks to eclectic musical twists and turns. Watch the music videos for both songs, down below.

“We found ourselves writing really depressing, melancholy songs about how just disappointed we were with all the work we put into Curse of Autumn and then going through the pandemic,” says frontman/songwriter Joseph Michael about the record. “Before that, we thought nothing was going to stop us. Then, something did. We felt a bit defeated. So, that’s how Sounds Of The Forgotten started. But we got out of that quickly. The songs we ended up writing were empowering. We have songs with negative emotions, but the overarching theme is moving forward and perseverance. That’s the epitome of Sounds Of The Forgotten.”

“Sounds Of The Forgotten” Artwork

Many factors influenced and inspired Witherfall’s approach to “Sounds Of The Forgotten”. The album color theme conveys another side to Witherfall’s fourth album distress. Often associated with ambition, power, and regality, Blake Armstrong‘s cover art provides a view into and a visual counter to the music on “Sounds Of The Forgotten”.


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