TROY REDFERN Announces Brand New Single ‘Getaway’ From His Upcoming Album “Invocation”

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British slide guitarist and singer-songwriter, Troy Redfern is pleased to announce the release of his new single ‘Getaway’; the second single taken from his forthcoming 2024 studio album “Invocation”.

Featuring his strongest material to date, the “Invocation” album will be launched with an extensive Kickstarter Campaign on Monday, October 30th. Colored vinyl, hand-drawn artwork, and an array of exclusive bundles are just a few of the things on offer to backers of the new album. Further information about the countdown to the Kickstarter campaign is available HERE.

“Invocation” is the follow-up to Redfern’s 2022 studio album “The Wings of Salvation” which received rave reviews. Blues Rock Review wrote about the album: Redfern balances big-league chops with mad songwriting skills to bring us an action-packed set of blues rock that will blow out your windows.”

‘Getaway’ is produced by Dave Marks and mixed by Jo Webb. The new single features Troy Redfern on guitar, and vocals, Paul Stewart on drums, and Dave Marks on bass.

“On ‘Getaway’ and the forthcoming album, I wanted to write and record songs that were bigger and ballsier than what has come before,” says Redfern. “The new songs embrace more of the rockier elements of my writing and playing. I’ve also given myself the creative freedom to explore and feel out other styles or aspects of my writing that have not been heard on any of my other albums.”

Continues Redfern, “As an artist, I feel it’s important to keep pushing and striving to refine your art while staying true to your vision. It is important to know who you are as an artist, and on ‘Getaway’ and the upcoming album, I think I have finally perfected my own contemporary signature sound.”

‘Getaway’ is a slide guitar, rock ‘n’ roll tour de force. Lyrically, it deals with themes of freedom and knowing when it’s time to leave a bad situation. It’s undeniably Troy Redfern full circle blues rock and roll.

“’Getaway’ is about cutting yourself some slack,” adds Redfern. “It’s about transforming your life, even if there are difficult decisions to be made. As they say, from the mud grows the lotus.”


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