TONY IOMMI Has Been Working On New Solo Material: “I’m Looking Forward To An Album Coming Out”

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Legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi revealed some exciting news in a recent appearance on Full Metal Jackie‘s nationally syndicated radio show. According to Iommi, he is currently crafting material for a new solo album.

Reflecting on his creative process, he said, “I am writing stuff now for my own, for an album. So that’s exciting too. And there’s no pressure. I just do stuff when I feel like it because I’ve got a life to live and I like to do all the different stuff. But I’ve really enjoyed doing this stuff, as I did with Ozzy when I’d done a couple of tracks for his last solo album “Patient Number 9”, which was good, to work with Ozz again. And I’m quite open to all that now. Whatever comes, and I like it, I do it.”

When asked about his plans for releasing the new music, Iommi confirmed he intends to release a full album rather than just individual tracks. “No, I’m gonna do a record. And I’ve got a lot of stuff. But now we’re actually getting around to sort of putting it together, myself and the engineer. So it’s been good fun, really. And as I say, there’s no pressure. I can just do it — I don’t have to do it by next week. And because of everything else that has been lurking around, I have to take my time in doing things. But it’s been fun. And that’s what it’s all about, really. And I’m looking forward to actually doing it and an album coming out,” he elaborated.

In addition to working on new music, Iommi is also developing a new solo track to coincide with the launch of his second signature cologne. This project is another collaboration with the Italian luxury perfume house Xerjoff. Back in 2021, Iommi released the track “Scent Of Dark” to promote his first signature fragrance. This track resulted from his friendship with Sergio Momo, Xerjoff’s acclaimed perfumer and designer, who also showcased his guitar skills in the song.

If Iommi’s upcoming solo album is released, it will be his third solo endeavor, following the 2000 release “Iommi” and 2005’s “Fused.” The latter album featured contributions from former Deep Purple bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes and drummer Kenny Aronoff, who also played on “Iommi”.


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