Progressive Death Metal Goliaths THE ZENITH PASSAGE Share Music Video for Album Title Track “Datalysium”

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Los Angeles-based progressive death metal goliaths THE ZENITH PASSAGE today unleashed their punishing new album “Datalysium” full-length, via Metal Blade Records. In celebration of its release, a video for the monstrous title track has been unveiled.

Featuring an overhauled lineup that sees original guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Justin McKinney joined by guitarist Christopher Beattie (Dreamer), vocalist Derek Rydquist (ex-The Faceless, John Frum), and bassist Brandon Giffin (ex-The Faceless, Cynic), “Datalysium” finds THE ZENITH PASSAGE further pushing disparate influences to the forefront of their sound. Relentless from start to finish, the record is a flawless marriage of technical head-fuckery, atmosphere, melody, and shifting dynamics, constantly demanding the listener’s undivided attention. From opener “The Axiom Of Error” with its stop-start attack to the agitated, richly textured and unstoppable “Synaptic Depravation,” or the dramatic, lush and epic closing title track, THE ZENITH PASSAGE is relentlessly creative and insistently push their sound in interesting, engrossing directions.

When asked to describe the record, the band do so vividly, “Imagine if Necrophagist and Meshuggah were married, and Cynic and Extol got married, then years later they went to a swingers party to spice up their relationships, which then became a regular thing. From this, they all had a kid together, no one knows who the biological father is, but that’s cool because they’re co-parenting. That kid then grows up, idolizing David Lynch, Ridley Scott and film noir. He then goes to film school for a couple of years, but drops out because he’d rather play synth music, but ends up broke and homeless. Then Datalysium would be that kid.

“Datalysium” Album Artwork

Offers the band of “Divinertia II,”Lyrically, this song is about the panic that ultimately causes what we can consider a Big Bang within the context of Datalysium. In Part I, we explore a universal totality that exists in a closed loop. At some point it gets wise to the idea of ‘more.’ In ‘Divinertia II,’ this idea manifests ‘more’ into existence, unexpectedly splitting into the known and unknown realities that we exist in today, all borne of confusion and fear.

Musically, we explore and expand on a motif and counterpoint theme, which evolves into various tempos and momentum. A majority of this song is just one riff played at various speeds using a familiar rhythmic motif throughout. The evolving tempos are all derivatives of triplet, as a nod to the number of the universe, 333.

“Datalysium” was recorded between McKinney‘s home studio and Rydquist‘s apartment, with some vocals tracked at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Wake), who also mixed the album. McKinney handled the tracking, while they brought in Ryan Williams (The Black Dahlia Murder, John Frum) to produce some of the bass and vocals.

“Datalysium” will be released on standard LP, limited-edition LP, CD, and digital formats. For orders, go to THIS LOCATION.

THE ZENITH PASSAGE will support Fallujah and Enterprise Earth on a short run of live dates this Summer. The Death Empyrean Tour runs from July 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada through July 20th in Mesa, Arizona. Today, the band will play a special record release show at Knucklehead in Hollywood, California. Entry is FREE with album purchase. Support will be provided by Civerous and Kron. See all confirmed dates below.

Death Empyrean Tour


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