SYLOSIS Shares Music Video For Album’s Title Track “A Sign Of Things To Come”

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The UK’s heavy metal machine SYLOSIS have unveiled the title track of their brand-new album, “A Sign Of Things To Come”. The new song speaks from Josh Middleton’s position as a new father and his fears of the world that his children will one day inherit.

Josh comments “‘A Sign Of Things To Come’ is a declaration of dismay towards the modern world. It’s about the anxiety of what the future holds and the feeling of division in a society where everyone is pitted against each other. This was the last song to be written for the album. It quickly became apparent that this was going to be one of the biggest, most anthemic songs on the record.”

Pre-order “A Sign of Things to Come” HERE, and watch the video below.

“A Sign of Things to Come” track-listing:

1. Deadwood
2. A Sign Of Things To Come
3. Pariahs
4. Poison For The Lost
5. Descent
6. Absent
7. Eye For An Eye
8. Judas
9. Thorns
10. A Godless Throne

A Sign of Things to Come” Artwork

Produced by Josh Middleton, alongside production legend, Scott Atkins, “A Sign Of Things To Come” has challenged SYLOSIS into brand-new territory.

“This is the first time I’ve allowed myself to be produced; taking on some brutal criticism and pushing myself to deliver the best vocal performance of my career. I’m a big fan of progressive and long albums, but I was ruthless on myself during the whole process. I think that shows in the final result on the record!” Josh states.


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