SEPULTURA Announces 18-Months Long Farewell Tour Titled “Celebrating Life Through Death”

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Legendary Brazilian/American thrash metallers Sepultura, is embarking on a massive farewell tour in 2024 to celebrate their 40th anniversary. This final trek, titled “Celebrating Life Through Death,” will start in March 2024, and the band will spend 18 months revisiting its rich history and performing for audiences across the globe. The tour will kick off in Brazil and will include shows in Latin America and the United States, with the promise of additional dates to be revealed soon.

“After four decades of incredible highs and lows, playing in 80 countries, and immersing ourselves in countless cultures,” Sepultura said in a statement, “We’ve had the privilege of becoming Brazil’s musical ambassadors to the world, sharing our unique sounds and rhythms with fans everywhere.”

The band acknowledged the critical acclaim of their latest album, “Quadra,” and the “SepulQuarta” project that helped them overcome the challenges of the pandemic. Now, they are ready to embark on this final tour as a way to unite with their fans and celebrate their journey together.

“During this 40th anniversary tour,” they continued, “we will record 40 live tracks in 40 different cities. These recordings will be compiled into a massive album, capturing the energy and passion of our final moments on stage.”

Sepultura expressed their gratitude for the support of their fans throughout their career. “We have the best fans in the world,” they said. “You have always been there for us, through thick and thin, with your praise and your criticism. You have challenged us to be better, and you have always been loyal. This album and this tour are for you. Dear SepulNation — we love you and always will!”

The tour title, “Celebrating Life Through Death,” reflects the band’s commitment to artistic freedom and the right to choose one’s own path. “Euthanasia, the right to a dignified death. The right to choose to live free and to choose when you die!” they explained.

Sepultura‘s farewell tour will be the opportunity for metalheads to witness one of the most influential bands in metal history perform one last time. Don’t miss your chance to thrash out to those timeless metal anthems one more time!

Check out a video of Sepultura‘s press conference announcing the farewell tour, below.


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