Progressive Super-group TEMIC (Featuring NMB, Ex-HAKEN, ARKENTYPE and MARATON Members) Announce Debut Album “Terror Management Theory”, Share First Single ‘Count Your Losses’

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TEMIC are announcing their debut album today. “Terror Management Theory” is an energetic, heartfelt journey through the human experience. It speaks to our fears, as well as our instinctive drive to persist. But to reach this point, all four members of this prog super-group had to navigate quite the career path.

Guitarist Eric Gillette first hit it off with Diego Tejeida (keyboards, sound design) while the two played together in the touring band for Mike Portnoy‘s Shattered Fortress. Simen Sandness drums for Shining and Arkentype, while Fredrik Bergersen Klemp still shows off his range as the singer for Maraton. When Gillette and Tejeida decided to start a band together while the world was shut down in 2020, their idea wasn’t necessarily simple: orchestrate their love for high-energy electronica and killer melodies into a modern prog-metal band. But on their first-ever single, TEMIC have no problem pulling off that whole concept. 

Clocking in at just shy of six minutes, “Count Your Losses” gives TEMIC plenty of time to show off. The band roll out an arena-ready guitar solo  to go along with scatting drum fills, fretless bass runs and synths built for a rave. And just think – that only covers the bridge!

Add all of that together with Bergersen Klemp‘s clean, melodic tenor, and you get the perfect introduction to progressive metal’s newest sensation.

“”Count Your Losses” depicts the beginning of our journey,” says TEMIC. “It’s also the very first song that we wrote as a band. We’ve been anxiously waiting for this moment, and now it’s finally here!”

“Terror Management Theory” is out November 17 on Season of Mist. Pre-order the album HERE.

“Terror Management Theory” Track list:

1. TMT (2:02)
2. Through the Sands of Time (7:00)
3. Falling Away (4:58)
4. Count Your Losses (6:13)
5. Skeletons (7:00)
6. Acts of Violence (5:52)
7. Friendly Fire (5:57)
8. Paradigm (6:33)
9. Once More (5:45)
10. Mothallah (7:27)

Cover artwork: Hicham Hamzi

Introducing TEMIC—prog’s newest, most ambitious, and most adrenaline-fueled act. TEMIC melds the creative minds of keyboardist and sound designer Diego Tejeida (Devin Townsend, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress, ex-Haken), guitarist Eric Gillette (The Neal Morse Band, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress), drummer Simen Sandnes (SHINING, Arkentype), and vocalist Fredrik Bergersen Klemp (Maraton, 22).

The origins of TEMIC date back to 2017, when Tejeida and Gillette toured the world as band members of Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress. From the very first chords they exchanged, their musical chemistry both on and off stage was undeniable, leading them to discuss the prospect of starting a new band together. Unfortunately, conflicting tour and recording commitments forced them to turn their attention elsewhere for years—that is, until the world came to a standstill in 2020, and Tejeida called Gillette to ask a fateful question:
“Remember how we said we should make music together? Well, how about now?”

Thus, the first demos for what would later become TEMIC’s 2023 debut album, “Terror Management Theory”, began to emerge. Within a few weeks after that initial phone call, the musical vision of TEMIC had become clear: Let’s create progressive music that is heavily influenced by high-energy electronic music, but arranged and orchestrated for a 5-piece modern prog rock/metal band—where, at last, the pulse can be the focus, and the vocal melody can be king.

Eager to join forces with the very best band-mates, Tejeida and Gillette first summoned the rhythmic power of their friend and drummer Sandnes. With characteristic enthusiasm, Sandnes seized the opportunity, prepared to contribute his percussive prowess as the heartbeat of TEMIC. When it came time to find the singer that would carry TEMIC’s melodies to new heights, Sandnes recommended vocal powerhouse Klemp, whose emotive delivery and unmatched intensity left no doubt that he was destined to be the voice of TEMIC. Finally, to round out the rhythm section of “Terror Management Theory”, dynamic bassist Jacob Umansky (Intervals) was invited on board as a guest player, gracing the album with an unrivaled groove and a signature low-end sound.

Together, this mammoth lineup is TEMIC, a high-energy, electronic-inspired, modern melodic prog metal band for the next generation.

  • Fredrik Bergersen / Vocals
  • Eric Gillette /  Guitars and Backing Vocals
  • Simen Sandnes / Drums and Percussion
  • Diego Tejeida / Keyboards and Sound Design

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