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Long Beach, CA based rockers Of Limbo are cranking up the van and heading out for a fall tour with Faster Pussycat in support of their latest release California Demon – Find the tour dates below. 

The band’s Jake Davies says “Going out on the road with absolute hard rock legends Faster Pussycat for 25 shows in 28 days?!?! This is going to be a November to Remember, baby!”

“California Demon” features wicked & sinewy dark guitar riffs, thunderous drums, a throbbing bass line, and a chorus as addictive as it is memorable. The band’s influences like Alice in Chains, Metallica and Faith No More shine through on the track. The song deals with the age-old concept of selling your soul in return for fame and fortune.

The band’s Luke Davies says “The song explores the concept of “selling your soul for fame and fortune” but in a literal sense. As if the devil was real and young, innocent and corruptible people are actually coming to Hollywood and selling their soul to become a star.   There’s a large section of the population, like our conspiracy theory loving uncle, who believes this to be 100% fact/reality. He sends us videos of stars in interviews implying they sold their souls, or the latest Grammy performances, etc. from Sam Smith or mumble rappers dressed up as Satan. He doesn’t believe this is just pageantry. He thinks it’s all some kind of televised satanic ritual. It’s a concept we always felt was perfect for a rock song. Innocent girl comes to Hollywood with wide eyes and high hopes, only to find she has to sacrifice a lot more than she bargained for… HER SOUL”!


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