Swedish Proggers MOON SAFARI Share Second Album Single “Emma, Come On”

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After a near decade-long recording process, Swedish progressive rockers, Moon Safari are set to make a comeback this winter with their 5th studio album “Himlabacken Vol. 2”. The album will be released on December 6th through Marquee Inc. in Japan and worldwide on December 8th through the band’s own Blomljud Records Inc.

After unveiling the first single “Between the Devil & Me” the band today shares the another song from the album “Emma, Come On”. Check out the music video below.

The band shares about the track: “Do people still have posters of their favourite artists or movie stars on the walls in their room? This song is about celebrity worshipping, the slightly unhealthy kind. All dressed up in swirling moogs and guitars, as if Genesis in the mid ‘80’s kept one foot in their past and didn’t care for airplay. Which celebrity poster did you hang on your bedroom wall?”

Moon Safari“Emma, Come On”

“Himlabacken Vol. 2” is available for pre-order HERE.

“It took us ten years, for a million different reasons. But we’re not dead yet. We return with what we know is a worthy comeback album, filled with our own special brand of symphonic rock cultivated over 20 years as an antidote to the long, dark winters of northern Sweden, with those trademark vocal group-inspired harmonies, uplifting melodies, and soulful romantic lyrics that our fans have come to expect. With the addition of ex Black Bonzo drummer Mikael Israelsson to the band we’ve totally revamped and boosted the low end of our sound, tightened it up, and that attitude shift is felt through our entire arrangements. Tying it all together is the mix by the great Rich Mouser. He’s been the go-to guy for the big boys in the genre for many years, and now we understand why. The mix is clear and punchy, booming, and never flat. It just sounds expensive, and we couldn’t be happier. You’ll get almost 70 minutes of this heady brew, spread over nine tracks, with zero fillers. And of course, there’s the obligatory epic. The whole thing is a banger, and we’re immensely proud of it.

Moon Safari“Between the Devil & Me”

“‘Between the Devil and Me,’ is at it’s core a story of self-exploration. It rides the pendulum swings of an unbalanced human mind from confusion to clarity. And it rocks, hard. We’ve all wanted to quit at some point during the last decade. It’s been a real test of our patience and our commitment to the music. But in the end, we were pardoned by the Gods of Rock ‘n’ Roll and we’re back in great form. To hear the whole thing in one go is absolutely liberating, and well worth the wait. If this thing won’t fly, nothing we’ll ever do will.

“Himlabacken Vol. 2” Album Artwork

“Himlabacken Vol. 2” Track Listing:

  1. 198X (Heaven Hill) (3:55)
  2. Between the Devil and Me (10:38)
  3. Emma, Come On (3:19)
  4. A Lifetime to Learn How to Love (8:28)
  5. Beyond the Blue (2:12)
  6. Blood Moon (5:44)
  7. Teen Angel Meets the Apocalypse (21:03)
  8. Forever, For You (10:08)
  9. Epilog (3:22)

Moon Safari is:

  • Petter Sandström / Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Simon Åkesson / Lead and Backing Vocals, Piano, Organ, Moog
  • Pontus Åkesson / Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar
  • Sebastian Åkesson / Backing Vocals, Assorted Keys, Percussion
  • Mikael Israelsson / Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Piano
  • Johan Westerlund / Lead and Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar

With a special guest performance by Jamison Smeltz (Saxophone) on ‘Forever, For You’


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