MEGADETH Doubles Down on Buenos Aires: Can “Aguante” Survive a “Really Big Surprise”?

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Megadeth fans in Buenos Aires will enjoy a second Movistar Arena show on April 14th, just one day after the already sold-out April 13th gig. But amidst the double dose of thrash metal, a tantalizing question hangs in the air: what exactly is the “really big surprise” Mustaine has hinted at for the first night?

The South American leg of Megadeth‘s “The Sick, The Dying, And The Dead!” tour promises to be a high-octane homecoming, 30 years after the band’s first electrifying performance in Argentina. It was at that 1994 Obras Sanitarias stadium show that the legendary chant “Aguante Megadeth” (roughly translating to “Megadeth rocks!”) was born, forever solidifying the bond between the band and their passionate Argentine fanbase.

Mustaine himself acknowledges the unique energy that South American crowds bring, saying, “There is something truly different about South America. I don’t know what it is… but whatever IT is, they come by it naturally.” So, what “really big surprise” could top the raw power of “Aguante Megadeth”? Could it be a special guest appearance, a deep-cut unearthed from the Megadeth vault, or an elaborate onstage spectacle? The possibilities are endless, and the anticipation is thick as Mustaine keeps his cards close to his chest.

One thing’s for sure: both Movistar Arena shows are guaranteed to be sonic blitzkriegs, with Megadeth unleashing their signature blend of thrash, melody, and Megadeth‘s razor-sharp riffs. Whether you’re headbanging to ‘Symphony of Destruction’ or moshing to ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,’ these Buenos Aires gigs promise to be an unforgettable experience.


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