MARTY FRIEDMAN Gears Up For Busy 2024 & Announces The Completion Of His New Album

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Legendary guitarist Marty Friedman has officially wrapped recording on his upcoming solo album, and fans can expect a diverse musical journey upon its release in spring 2024. Sharing the news on social media, Friedman teased a “grown-up” version of his earlier album “Scenes,” infused with a contemporary flair and showcasing his evolving musical palette.

Friedman has been diligently working on the album for nearly a year, splitting recording sessions between his home studio in Japan and a vintage equipment haven in Italy. In true perfectionist fashion, he describes the project as “ambitious,” aiming to surpass each of his previous releases.

For a taste of what’s to come, Friedman had previously shared in an interview with Justin Hunt of The Entertainment Outlet, that he recorded a significant portion of the album last summer in Italy. He added: “Last summer I went over Italy and I recorded about half of an album and I’m really really excited about it and I’ve been working on demos for the remaining half of the album. I think it’s gonna please a lot of people who liked my album “Scenes” … it is kind of in that vein but much more modern and it’s got all the things that I’ve added to my musical palette. The album is taking a long time, but … you know, tender loving care, but it’s coming along great.”

Though the musical maestro isn’t stopping there. The upcoming year promises to be jam-packed for him, with plans to release his autobiography and unveil an extensive instructional video series for TrueFire. The latter delves into his unique approach to music, offering fans an unprecedented glimpse into his creative process.


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