MAGNUM To Release New Album “Here Comes The Rain” In January

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There are few great bands on our planet that can be infallibly identified within the first few bars of one of their songs. With unique melodic skill, tasteful instrumentation, an amazing balance of depth and catchiness, and, of course, that charismatic voice, British rock band Magnum is one of them.

The quintet, consisting of frontman Bob Catley and guitarist/songwriter Tony Clarkin, keyboardist Rick Benton, bassist Dennis Ward, and drummer Lee Morris, will release a new studio album, “Here Comes The Rain”, on January 12, 2024, via Steamhammer/SPV.

Pre-order “Here Comes The Rain” HERE.

The band will issue two singles ahead of the LP release — “Blue Tango” on November 22, 2023 and “The Seventh Darkness” on January 3, 2024. Additionally, a tour has been scheduled to kick off in early April 2024.

The album’s highly inspired artwork is once more designed by the great Rodney Matthews, who has already created a number of Magnum sleeves to support the band’s atmospherically dense music. Says Tony Clarkin: “The back cover features a kind of avian battalion in attack mode, which I think is a great allegory!”

Apart from Magnum‘s typical trademarks, “Here Comes The Rain” also holds a number of thoroughly pleasant surprises. First single “Blue Tango” is a real riff-rock number that makes you want to move your feet while “The Seventh Darkness” is filled with awesome brass sections courtesy of guest musicians Chris “BeeBe” Aldridge (saxophone) and Nick Dewhurst (trumpet),which lend the song brilliance and shape.

There is no doubt about it: “Here Comes The Rain” sees the Magnum lineup , once again succeed in creating an outstanding, colorful, varied and inspired new studio album.

“Everyone played their part without me dictating anything,” Clarkin enthuses, “everyone just instinctively played what their inspiration told them.”

“Here Comes The Rain” track listing:

1. Run Into The Shadows
2. Here Comes The Rain
3. Some Kind Of Treachery
4. After The Silence
5. Blue Tango
6. The Day He Lied
7. The Seventh Darkness
8. Broken City
9. I Wanna Live
10. Borderline


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