KING CRIMSON Saxophonist MEL COLLINS Joins Post-Punk Experimentalists CHROME In New Single “Repo Man”

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Rock music has always had its mainstream acts, bands that following a relatively rigid formula crafted for maximum appeal. And rock music has always had its pioneers, bands that pushed the envelope beyond formula, charting new paths and driving rock to the next stage of its evolution. British prog band King Crimson are one such pioneer, and San Francisco noise rock group Chrome are another. Today, for the first time ever, these two forces are coming together on a brand new single, “Repo Man,” the first song to be released from Chrome’s new album “Blue Exposure.”

“Repo Man” kicks off with a fuzzed out groove accented with wah-wah peddle magic, thundering drums and a sinister vocal from Chrome mastermind Helios Creed. And then there’s the saxophone from King Crimson’s Mel Collins, which sounds like a demented, wailing spirit coming in and out of the mix. The track as a whole is a heart-stopping, cacophonous symphony of electronic mayhem, distorted frenzy and sheer audacious artistry. Check it out below.


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