Power Metallers JUDICATOR Premiere New Single and Lyric Video for ‘The Black Elk’

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Power metallers JUDICATOR have shared their third single and lyric video for their single “The Black Elk”, a track taken from the four-piece band’s forthcoming sixth studio album, “The Majesty of Decay,” set to be released via Prosthetic Records on November 25.

Listen or watch to the song below, and pre-order “The Majesty of Decay” HERE.

Speaking on the track John Yelland (vocals) comments: “I wrote ‘The Black Elk’ during a heavy Hypocrisy phase. I couldn’t get enough of ‘End of Disclosure‘ and ‘A Taste of Extreme Divinity‘. So, ‘The Black Elk’ is my take on Hypocrisy being put through a power metal lens. This is actually a trend for other songs on the new album. For example, ‘Ursa Minor’ was written during a Belphegor phase (‘Blood Magick Necromance‘) and ‘Daughter of Sword’s was written during a Cannibal Corpse phase (‘A Skeletal Domain‘). Speaking to ‘The Black Elk’ in particular though, in short, the song is about coming to terms with one’s insecurities about being a father, and a son. This heavy metal anthem is for everyone who has daddy issues!”

As with past releases, “The Majesty of Decay” is a concept album. But while most JUDICATOR albums have been based on history, this one takes an entirely different direction. The album’s story connects with “At the Expense of Humanity,” the band’s third album, which recounts singer John Yelland’s experiences watching his older brother die after a long, drawn out battle with cancer.

Whilst the album’s story remains somewhat shrouded in mystery, JUDICATOR utilizes compelling plot devices as a means to encourage fans to piece together the album’s meta-contextual threads. What we do know, however, is that “The Majesty of Decay” explores the subjects of love, family, and the transformation of suffering into something meaningful. JUDICATOR invites you to step into this world and contemplate how the story might relate to you. The album is a carefully constructed puzzle of mirrors and metaphor that cries out for JUDICATOR fans everywhere to solve it.

What began as a humble homage to their mutual love of Blind Guardian, JUDICATOR have quickly grown into something that has continually had fans begging for more, with JUDICATOR more happy to oblige. With this latest offering, JUDICATOR have delivered yet another thought provoking album that fits nicely into their discography.

With members spread across the United States, recording for “The Majesty of Decay” was certainly unique. Drums were engineered and recorded by Alex Bosson (Helion Prime, Lunar, Planeswalker). Brass was engineered and recorded by Michael Sasich at Man vs. Music. The album was edited by Will Salazar at Revenant Sound Studios. Reamping and mixing was completed by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio Production. Mastering and sequencing was completed by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio. In addition, the album features Angel Chatzitheodorou (Angel Wolf-Black, ex-Bare Infinity), whose elegant, powerful voice soars through much of the song “Judgment.” The beautiful, eerie artwork by Marc Whisnant completes the package.

The ten tracks that comprise “The Majesty of Decay” are haunting, progressive, and command attention through their adventurous, emotionally cathartic storytelling and pervasive, dynamic atmosphere.

“The Majesty of Decay” Album Artwork

“The Majesty of Decay” tracklist:

1. Euphoric Parasitism
2. The Majesty of Decay
3. From the Belly of the Whale
4. Daughter of Swords
5. Ursa Minor
6. Ursa Major
7. The High Priestess
8. The Black Elk
9. Judgment
10. Metamorphosis


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