Hard Rockers HURRICANE Returns With “Reconnected”, First New Album In Over 20 Years

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HURRICANE is now set to release its first new album in over 20 years, “Reconnected”. The album has 11 tracks including a re-record of HURRICANE‘s Top 40 hit “I’m On To You”, a blistering cover of the QUEEN/David Bowie track “Under Pressure” and the first single “Rock Star Cheater”.

HURRICANE was formed in 1983, originally featuring current FOREIGNER lead vocalist Kelly Hansen (vocals/rhythm guitar), Robert Sarzo (guitar), Tony Cavazo (bass) and Jay Schellen (drums), the latter of whom is currently with YES. Cavazo and Sarzo are the younger brothers of QUIET RIOT‘s Carlos Cavazo and Rudy Sarzo, respectively. In 2010 Sarzo and Cavazo, founding members, reunited and recruited drummer Mike Hansen. In 2021 Australian-born singer Dan Schumann, best known as a member of the Las Vegas headliner vocal group TENORS OF ROCK, joined. 

HURRICANE released four albums: “Take What You Want” (1985), “Over The Edge” (1988), “Slave To The Thrill” (1990) and “Liquifury” (2001). “Over The Edge” was their album featuring the charting song “I’m On To You”, which peaked at No. 33 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart in 1988.

Sarzo states, “The ‘Reconnected’ album reconnects yesterday and today for tomorrow. This album is long overdue. With all the work and time composing and recording, it’s finally here and it feels great!!! Now it’s up to the music fans everywhere.” Mike Hansen adds:HURRICANE‘s ‘Reconnected’ is the test of time.” Schumann states: “A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into ‘Reconnected’…but to me, it was worth every drop!”

“Reconnected” will be released on August 25 through Deko Entertainment, with limited edition (only 300 copies) silver vinyl dropping on September 29. Deko president Bruce Pucciarello says: “This is one kick-ass lineup and the power of the rock will knock you over like a Category 5.”

“Reconnected” Album Artwork

“Reconnected” track listing:

 1. Rock Star Cheater
 2. You & I
 3. Under Pressure
 4. Behind Your Shadow
 5. Innocent Girl
 6. Don’t Change Your Love
 7. I’m On To You
 8. Hand Of Souls
 9. Disconnected
10. Blind Love
11. Wishing Well

Since Kelly Hansen‘s departure from HURRICANE in 2003 and the group reforming back in 2010, the lead vocals have been handled by different singers, including Andrew Freeman (2010-2012), Jason Ames (2014-2015), Michael O’Mara (2016-2018) and Chad Cancino (2019-2021).


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