French Extreme Metal CELESTE Releases Video For ‘Plisse Les Yeux Jusqu’au Sang’

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Celeste have released a video for the song ‘Plisse les yeux jusqu’au sang’ from their new EP, “Epilogue(s)”, which was out yesterday, Friday November 18, through Nuclear Blast Records.

The EP features three exclusive bonus tracks from their most recent album, ‘Assassine(s)’ (2022). “Epilogue(s)” beautifully concludes the transformative journey Celeste embarked upon two years ago.

Pushing the boundaries of heavy music once again, the band delivers a sonic tapestry of stunning diversity, immersing listeners in a realm where ethereal melodies meet raw power. Prepare to be captivated as the band’s artistic vision reaches its pinnacle, leaving an indelible mark on your musical soul. ‘Plisse les yeux jusqu’au sang’ is a song which sees Celeste combine hauntingly melodic textures with probably their heaviest riffs to date.

Throughout the years, Celeste have succeeded in creating their own musical atmosphere and are today considered to be one of the most important bands of the “French Avant-Garde Black-Metal” scene.

For 15 years, this French metal band has crafted a hybrid sound that defies easy categorization but remains unmistakable. By skillfully blending elements of black metal, post-metal, and hardcore, Celeste has created a singular and immersive musical experience, characterized by its violence, oppressiveness, and darkness.

While the band is renowned for their musical prowess, their live shows are equally famous for their apocalyptic and suffocating experiences. Immersed in complete darkness and thick smoke, the audience relies on strobe flashes and the red beams of the musicians’ headlamps for guidance.

“Epilogue(s)” is available to order HERE in the following available formats:

  • Digital Album
  • LP (Black & White Marbled)

Celeste – Epilogues(s) Track List:

  1. Il Se Vide Lentement
  2. Plisse Les Yeux Jusqu’au Sang
  3. With Idle Hands


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