FRANK BELLO Talks Upcoming ANTHRAX Album Harder Sound: “We Stepped Up The Heaviness”

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In a recent interview with Rodney McG, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello shared insights into the band’s forthcoming album, which would be the long-awaited follow-up to their widely acclaimed 2016’s “For All Kings”.

“We officially finished drums, bass, and guitar, which is great. I know my bass tracks are done, so I’m kind of psyched. Right now, it’s up to… I think Joey‘s singing his sixth or seventh song; I’m pretty sure about that. Jon Donais, I think he’s starting his guitars, or maybe he started them already. But as far as I know, from what they’re doing, they’re booking it this month or early next month to get back in there and keep it going. Hopefully, at the end of the year, we’ll have an Anthrax record.”

Bello emphasized the band’s commitment to intensifying their musicality, commenting about a deliberate shift towards a heavier sound. 

“On this record, there’s stuff that we’ve never done before. I’m just saying right out — there’s stuff, in a heavy way, which I’m very proud of. I like that we went that way with it and just went, ‘What the fuck was that?’ Some of the things that Charlie Benante does on drums, Scott and I were just, ‘What the fuck was that?’ And that’s great, ’cause you wanna raise your game after that. I think it makes everybody step up a little bit. I’m doing some bass stuff that I had some fun with on this that I would never have done. I think there’s a lot of cool stuff that’s going on vocally, melody-wise. I’m really happy where the next Anthrax record is going.”

Bello was also asked about the considerable amount of time that has taken Anthrax to produce a new album, a whopping 8 years. He mentioned the need to avoid rushing the process, and how much he’s enjoying the fact the new songs are more difficult for him to perform.

“There wasn’t a rush, obviously. I know it’s been eight years since our last record, but we wanna make sure it’s right, and it is. We are very confident. I’m not worried about how right it is. It’s right on exactly where I think, and the rest of the band think, we need to be. I love that it’s more complicated for me to play. I love the challenge of that. I think we stepped it up a little bit, the heaviness. Again, everybody’s gonna prop their record. Doing this for so long, this is how I feel. I don’t wanna get complacent. I want the challenge, ’cause I’m a fan. I’m a fan, and it has to stimulate me. And it has to get me going on stage.”

In an industry where reinvention is key,  taking bold steps to harder their sound might shape the future trajectory of the band’s continued success. Suffice it to say we can’t hardly wait to listen to what they are cooking!


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