FIRE FROM THE GODS Release “Rapture (Full Dem)” Lyric Video

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Just in time for the holidays, Fire From The Gods launch their new lyric video for “Rapture (Full Dem)”, via Better Noise Music.

Taken from their highly anticipated full length “Soul Revolution,” “Rapture (Fool Dem)” is quintessentially Fire From The Gods, a variety of genres perfectly coexisting together is lead by the versatile voice of singer AJ Channer.

The front-man comments: “I’m praying for better world. I’m praying that people find a way to look each other in the eye and stand as one. Only a fool seeks power and control when we are united. Peace.”

Fire From The Gods have adopted a unifying mission statement, “All Power to All People,” a play on the revolutionary slogan “All Power to the People.” Listeners will hear this statement reflected in “Soul Revolution, as the band aims to empower all fans through their music.


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