Listen To EXMORTUS Shreds On Classical Cover “Storm Of Strings”

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Southern Californian melodic death shredders EXMORTUS have revealed the final single, “Storm Of Strings,” ahead of the highly anticipated release of their 6th studio album, Necrophony, that’s out August 25th from Nuclear Blast Records. On their latest song, EXMORTUS puts their signature shred into a cover of legendary new age artist Yanni’s song “The Storm,” which was based off of the great Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi’s concertos “The Four Seasons.”

Commenting on the single, guitarist/vocalist Conan says:We’ve been meaning to cover this piece for a long time and now it feels right for Necrophony. Honoring two artists at once, we give you a heavy metal shred version of Yanni‘s arrangement of Vivaldi‘s Summer Concerto. Enjoy the groove, enjoy the passion!

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Four years in the making, the group’s sixth album offers nothing but savage rebirth and fierce renewal. Necrophony marks a significant turning point—one foretold by the Legions of the Undead EP in 2019—for the Angelenos. Not only have they emerged from the throes of the pandemic stronger, faster and crazier, they’ve signed on to global metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast. The passion and fury of lead-off single “Oathbreaker” is merely the tip of EXMORTUS’ darkest tower. Follow-on singles like the powerful “Mind of Metal” and “Storm of Strings,” a whistle-stop, no-joke cover of Greek-American composer Yanni interpreting Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” add greatly to EXMORTUS’ masterly oeuvre.

Commenting on the impending record, guitarist/vocalist Conan says: “Necrophony‘ was an album title idea for as long as I can remember. This Symphony of the Dead couldn’t be realized for a collection of songs until now. Finally, we have our darkest and most Classically inspired work yet, with artwork by the great Toha Mashudi to match perfectly. We returned to Sharkbite Studios to have the mighty wizard that is Zack Ohren aid us again in forging our metal, and resulted in the finest steel we’re all proud to wield on the battlefield.

“Necrophony” Album Artwork

Necrophony Tracklist: 

1. Masquerade
2. Mask of Red Death
3. Oathbreaker
4. Mind of Metal
5. Storm of Strings
6. Test of Time
7. Darkest of Knights
8. Prophecy
9. Children of the Night
10. Beyond the Grave
11. Overture
12. Necrophony
13. Moonchild


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