ERJA LYYTINEN Will Be Back On The Road With Her “Diamonds On The Road” Tour

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Due to popular demand, and following her successful 2023 UK tour, internationally acclaimed guitarist, and singer songwriter Erja Lyytinen will embark on her “Diamonds On The Road” 10-date UK Tour in April 2024.

The tour is named after current live album “Diamonds On The Road”, that was originally released by Tuohi Records on Friday 6th October 2023. The album is available on Double CD, vinyl and digital HERE.

“After our long-awaited visit to UK in November 2023, I realized that I have really missed touring in this country,” says Erja. “We have some hardcore fans in the UK, real blues rock enthusiasts who certainly show their appreciation when you’re on stage and that feels good!”

She continues: “I can’t wait to come back in April 2024 for a full tour, consisting of altogether ten shows. I will be flying straight from Australia to London. I’m looking forward to enjoying England in the springtime.”

Some may argue that music is born in the studio, but it comes to life and evolves when performed live on stage. With a live album, there is no safety net. You get one shot at capturing those perfect moments and preserving them forever. Erja Lyytinen’s live album Diamonds On The Road is evident of this.

“When playing live, you’ve got one moment to get it right, and then the moment is gone,” says Erja. “There is no correcting stuff later. It is very raw and exciting to play and sing at the same time. The adrenaline runs through your body, and everything around you affects your performance.

“Diamonds on the Road” was recorded towards the end of our Spring tour in March 2023,” says Erja. “We played ten shows in a row, of which eight were sold out. The band had a good flow going, and the songs were rolling nicely.”

Erja attributes some of those changes to her equipment and repertoire of trusty axes. “Since my last live recording, my live guitar arsenal has grown quite a bit. I have five to six guitars, from Strats and Teles to custom-made guitars, on stage with me. It’s quite cool to dig out the different characteristics of each guitar. I’m using my road-worn Fender Custom Shop guitar on the songs ‘Black Ocean’ and ‘Never Really Had You.’ I had the guitar fine-tuned right before the tour and added it to my live arsenal. I feel as though it has been a sin to keep this Strat as my sofa guitar for years!”

The songs featured on “Diamonds On The Road” highlight the old, the new, the borrowed and the blues. “For the set list of the live album, we had a mixture of my favourite old songs and then a selection of the songs from my latest studio album, Waiting for The Daylight,” explains Erja. “We also recorded a Jimi Hendrix classic, ‘Crosstown Traffic’, I made my own version of it by playing the song using slide! It is so cool to play the song, and, on the recording, it is our first encore.”

“Diamonds on The Road” showcases Erja and the band doing what they do best, playing concerts for their fans. “I have always loved performing live, but now, I enjoy playing even more and saying this on behalf of my band; I think they do, too. Performing live is stronger, more relaxed, and empowering. I’m grateful to be a guitarist and singer who is giving her best for the audience each night. It is the best thing you can do with your pants on,” concludes Erja.

Tickets for the “Diamonds on the Road” Tour are available AT THIS LOCATION.


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