ENFORCER Release Second Single ans Video for Album Title Track “Nostalgia”

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Swedish heavy metal pioneers ENFORCER are stoked to share their second new single ‘Nostalgia’. The title track of their upcoming album “Nostalgia”, due to be released on May 5th, gives fans another taste of the new long-player. Whilst the first single ‘Coming Alive’ showed the straight-to-the-point, classically heavy side that ENFORCER are well-known for, ‘Nostalgia’ flaunts a more melodic and powerful edge, including acoustic elements and a more delicate, heartfelt touch. It’s the album’s ludicrously catchy power ballad. Along with the new single, the band has also released a new music video to accompany the track, which you can witness below.

ENFORCER‘s Olof Wikstrand comments: “Sooner or later you get to a point in life when you realize you’re not gonna live forever and you see things around you that you used to know aged, withered and died. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about the destructive force of time. We’re super excited to share with you one of the most ominous songs we’ve ever written: Nostalgia. A powerful semi-ballad about the futility of life. Enjoy!” 

Pre-order or pre-save the new album Nostalgia” HERE.

ENFORCER‘s new album “Nostalgia” was recorded at Olof and Jonas Wikstrand‘s own Hvergelmer Studios, where the most recent ENFORCER records also first saw the light of day. All 13 album tracks were captured between October 2020 and February 2022. The entire record was produced, mixed, and engineered by the band. The artwork for “Nostalgia” is made by Adam Burke. With “Nostalgia”, ENFORCER are embracing their speed metal roots, fusing extreme guitar riffing with catchy stadium choruses.

“Nostalgia” Album Artwork

“Nostalgia” track-listing:

01. Armageddon
02. Unshackle Me
03. Coming Alive
04. Heartbeats
05. Demon
06. Kiss of Death
07. Nostalgia
08. No Tomorrow
09. At the End of the Rainbow
10. Metal Supremacia
11. White Lights in the USA
12. Keep the Flame Alive
13. When the Thunder Roars (Cross Fire)


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