CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX Premieres Haunting New Music Video “Bonefire”

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The veil is thin and progressive rock collective CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have a treat for you today! The band is now sharing the haunting new music video for the song “Bonefire,” which is taken from the band’s brand new album, “Banefyre,” out now. The video, which was directed by Guilherme Henriques, can be watched below.

The band comments, “We gift to you a musical curse on the miserable ruling class politicians! Again, working with Guilherme was a total pleasure and a complete win. He got the vibe and the intensity spot on. Plus, he raised the bar a whole lot with production value, so what we have is basically a little cult horror film, telling the story of Bonefire. The ruling class getting some just karma in the flames.

“Banefyre” is out NOW and can be streamed, ordered, and downloaded HERE.

“Banefyre” Track-list:

1. Intro/Incantation For The Different (2:49)
2. Wyches And Basterdz (4:57)
3. Ghostland (5:43)
4. The Reckoning (6:49)
5. Bonefire (4:36)
6. Rose Of Jericho (13:47)
7. Blackout77 (7:37)
8. Down The Rabbit Hole (10:32)
9. Everything Is Beautiful But Us (4:36)
10. The Pilgrim (6:19)
11. I’m OK, Just Not Alright (10:05)
12. The Scene Is A False Prophet (15:13)
13. No Regrets (4:30)

The thread that binds CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX’s bold and towering discography — a dozen studio albums, a half-dozen mini-albums, a handful of compilations and swaths of bootlegs — could not be more apropos circa 2022. Since its 2004 creation by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Justin Greaves, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX has served as the voice for the voiceless, whether it be animals, the unequal and the different. Greaves and longstanding vocalist and lyricist Belinda Kordic have often proffered that these beings cannot fend for themselves. Henceforth, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX’s mission has been to shed light on the human condition and the inequalities that befall humankind and its creatures. Their battle marches on with their latest studio album, “Banefyre.”

“Banefyre” follows 2020’s “Ellengæst” — an effort that found CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX employ a series of notable guest vocalists alongside Kordic, prompting Metal Hammer to describe it as their “most cohesive and emotionally devastating record.” Kordic is now paired with Swedish vocalist Joel Segerstedt, who made his CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX debut last year via the “Painful Reminder/Dead is Dead” single. Piano, synth and trumpet player Helen Stanley and additional guitarist Andy Taylor complete the lineup. Greaves says Stanley and Taylor “fit so well creatively,” which has made CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX feel like a band when making plans and decisions. 

In true CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX fashion, the Lucy Marshall-created “Banefyre” cover leaves plenty to the imagination, depicting four animals seated at a table — interacting and dressed like human beings. “It’s sort of like Planet of the Apes showing what animals could do to humans,” says Greaves. “The cover was specially commissioned and is unique to the album. It’s incorporating all the classic CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX elements with the love for animals and twisting the narrative around.”  


  • Justin Greaves / Guitars, Drums, Bass, Samples, Saw
  • Belinda Kordic / Vocals, Percussions
  • Helen Stanley / Grand Piano, Synthesisers, Monochord, Trumpet
  • Andy Taylor / Guitar, Baritone Guitar, 12 String Guitar
  • Joel Segerstedt / Vocals, Guitar

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