ALIEN WEAPONRY Reveals New Music Video for ‘Īhenga’ From Their Latest Album “Tangaroa” Celebrating Legendary Te Arawa Explorer

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In 2021, New Zealand’s global metal front-runners Alien Weaponry released their sophomore full-length album, “Tangaroa” – a record immersed in important historical accounts and cultural heritage of the Māori people. Their role in uniquely spreading vital tales of their culture to an international audience even resulted in recent accolades – last year and for the second time, the band was awarded one of the most significant and prestigious awards in New Zealand’s music industry, the Aotearoa Music Award for Te Kaipuoro Rakapioi Toa (Best Rock Artist).

The band continues to share their history with the release of an artistic new music video for ‘Īhenga’. The video tells the story of Īhenga – perhaps the greatest explorer of the Te Arawa people – and the nephew of one of the de Jong brothers’ ancestors, Kahumatamomoe.

The singing style on the track is known as mōteatea – an ancient form of poetry or chant sometimes used to convey who you are and where you come from by reciting your landmarks.

Alien Weaponry commented about the track: “When the Te Arawa people first came to Aotearoa (New Zealand) from Hawaiki (greater Tahitian Island group), they set about exploring the new land. Īhenga traveled throughout the North Island of Aotearoa and named many places that still have these names today.”

The band won over fans and critics alike with their latest album, “Tangaroa”. The album coalesces the band’s growing maturation with an undisturbed songwriting process, resulting in their most inspired, honest and informed material yet. In addition to lyrics written in te reo Māori, many of the album’s tracks feature traditional instruments, called taonga puoro, providing the tracks their own warrior-like attitude. While Alien Weaponry sourced inspiration from their culture and environmental surroundings while writing most of “Tangaroa”, the band also looked inward – drawing vision for other portions of the album from within.


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