ALEX LIFESON Says Touring Is Off The Table: “I’m Not Interested In That Anymore”

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The recent surprise appearances by Rush legends Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee on the bassist’s book tour presentations in Toronto and London somehow ignited hopes for some sort of a live comeback from the two esteemed musicians, but Lifeson has poured cold water on those flames, saying that they felt like “closure” rather than anything else.

While the gigs were pure magic, fueled by decades of friendship and musical chemistry, Lifeson stresses that they were unplanned one-offs: “Doing these shows with him was a no-brainer,” Lifeson explained during a conversation with SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk.

“Because basically I just sat on a stage with him doing the stuff that we’ve been doing for 50 years in the back of a car or an airplane or on the bus. We’re best of friends. So it was just getting up and riffing and laughing and goofing around. Just like we always have.”

These two presentations, especially the one in Toronto, served a deeper purpose according to Lifeson: a chance for long-time fans to witness the enduring camaraderie between the two musical giants: “The audience in Toronto was like just being in a room with a bunch of friends. A lot of people didn’t feel they had closure after we finished the last tour. And I think this is a way of giving them a little bit. To see that everything is OK, that we’re still friends and together and doing stuff together, having the same kind of wonderful experience that we’ve always had.”

Despite the joyful time with Lee, Lifeson seems to be adamant about one thing: touring is officially off the table. After 40 years on the road, he’s traded in his travel mug for a comfy couch, prioritizing family and a more settled life.

“So 40 years of touring, I’m not interested in touring anymore,” he explained. “I enjoyed it when we did it, there were lots of ups and downs. The gig is great, the show is great, and for the other 21 hours in a day, you’re just waiting for those 3 hours. And it gets tiring, especially when you have a family and you have loved ones at home that you’re estranged from for months and months and months at a time. I don’t miss that aspect of it.”

However, a complete creative shutdown is far from on the cards. Lifeson admitted that he and Lee have discussed future collaborations: “I know Ged would like to play again and he would like to spend some time writing. But beyond that, honestly, we haven’t talked about anything beyond just getting together and having a coffee and bashing out a few notes.”

“Whenever he’s ready, like usual, I only live five minutes away from him. I’ll go over and hang out and we’ll turn the recorder on and do some stuff. But there’s no plan for a tour. There’s no plan for anything.” Lifeson concludes, leaving the door tantalizingly open for at least some new music.

“I know rumors get started and people have their desires and lots of people would love to see us get back and play again. Well, I don’t know. I don’t know. Who knows? Maybe if we’re together, we’re messing around and we get excited… Certainly, after we did those gigs, it was quite heady and very exciting. But I really love my life right now, and I don’t know if I’m gonna disrupt it by being away from the things that I’m really enjoying, for any reason.”


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