CRAZY SWEDES Guitarist WILL SEVERIN Reflects on Band’s Debut Album: “With this Project We’re Really Pushing Ourselves to See How Far We Can Go Musically”

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An electrifying rock fusion group, CRAZY SWEDES original compositions feature jaw-dropping improvisation combined with an amalgam of jazz, funk, and rock set against a solid groove. CRAZY SWEDES is a mainly instrumental group that falls somewhere between the worlds of the jazz fusion era of the 70s/80s and the jam band scene of today. Expect the unexpected, from full-on shredding to eclectic vocal covers. Where else might you hear Weather Report and Led Zeppelin?

CRAZY SWEDES members have shared the stage with numerous acts including Brand X, ELP’s Carl Palmer, Joshua Redwood, Fates Warning, Kenwood Dennard, Clay People, Haken, and American Idol’s Madison VanDenburg. Their new release was co-produced by Grammy Winning engineer Chris Theis and CRAZY SWEDES‘ own Will Severin and is currently available at most major music outlets. CRAZY SWEDES line-up features guitarist Will Severin, keyboardist Rob Lindquist, bassist Eric Schwanke, and drummer George Snyder.

“Crazy Swedes” Album Artwork

“To say nothing short of how much this record blew me away would be remiss. From the soaring leads of Will Severin on guitar, and Rob Lindquist on keyboards, to the never-failing-to-be solid rhythm section of Eric Schwanke on bass, and George Snyder on drums, this album was a damned panoply of musical virtuosity bolstered extremely well by thoughtful song arrangements.” reads the press release for the album, and it’s an on-point assessment.

Interviewer Scott Medina sat down with CRAZY SWEDES‘ six-strings madman Will Severin to discuss the album inception, musical influences and a myriad of other topics. Watch the YouTube video of their chat below and make sure to follow Sonic Perspectives on Facebook, Flipboard and Twitter and  subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.



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