MIKE PORTNOY Talks THE NEAL MORSE BAND Musical Approach: “This Is a Band that Doesn’t Follow Any Commercial Trends, We Make Music that We Feel is Going to Move People and Their Emotions”

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Last January 2019 saw The Neal Morse Band perhaps making the boldest artistic statement in all its members’ collective pasts combined: The Great Adventure, another double concept album following their previous lauded magnum opus The Similitude of a Dream. Yet another mammoth release of epic proportions, The Great Adventure was received by rave reviews and the band quickly embarked on a lengthy tour, finding packed shows and delighted audiences everywhere. As of now there are dates scheduled for North America and Europe, and there are probably more to come.

Traditionally, Neal Morse (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Randy George (bass), Bill Hubauer (keyboards, vocals) and Eric Gillette (guitars,vocals) have perfected a bond on stage and with the audience that can only be explained by supernatural factors. Now on its second month of touring for The Great Adventure, the slight rough edges of the first shows of any tour have been honed away, and the band is firing on all cylinders, hitting their stride “like never before” if you believe in the comments of many who have attended the past live performances. While in Toronto for their show at the Opera House on February 21st, they took time to be interviewed by Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf, marking the first ever time the five members sat down with a journalist at the same time.  In an relaxed setting the five musicians collectively discussed compositional aspects of The Great Adventure, the present and future touring plans, their endeavours outside of the Neal Morse Band, the meaning of certain lyrics in the album, and much more.

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YouTube slideshow video photographs by François Morisset, Jim LaTurner and Jon Fiala.


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  1. Dismal Sales .. Dismal Tour attendance …More like the Great Fiasco another Pretencious Portnoy Release into the dustbin

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