PINEAPPLE THIEF Mastermind BRUCE SOORD Reflects On the Band’s Evolution: “Early PINEAPPLE THIEF Was Really Just Me, and Now It’s Turned Into a Truly Collaborative Outfit.”

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Bruce Soord started The Pineapple Thief twenty years ago, but almost feels like they have become a new band in the best sense of the word. The group has been reinvigorated by drummer extraordinaire Gavin Harrison joining the band as a full-time member, who also collaborates with Bruce on their new material. This has brought new inspiration to the group as a whole.

As they embark on their first full tour of North America ever, Soord shares insights about the bevy of activity in the band and in his own career. We discuss his brand new solo album “All This Will Be Yours”, the impact that the birth of his daughter last year played on the album, the current touring plans and hopes for the future. It’s a lively interview with The Pineapple Thief being at the height of their success. Be sure to catch them live this coming month if you live in North America!

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Slideshow photographs by Joshua Crawley, Cultuurpodium de Boerderij, Per Otto Oppi Christiansen and Jean-Christophe Le Brun


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