SONDRE SKOLLEVOLL, Sheriff of The MORON POLICE: “It Was Time To Grow Up To Make Some Changes, If We Were to Get the Band In front Of People”

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Moron Police.  The name just jumps out at you.  But up to now, the Norwegian group has been a bit obscure, perhaps limited by the obscure lyrics and some “in your face” song titles (“T-Bag Your Grandma,” “Stomp the Goomba,” etc.) .

So for the third album, A Boat on the Sea, Moron Police chief Sondre Skollevoll took a different tack.  More understandable words.  Mainstream song titles.  And very, very catchy tunes that explore prog, rock, pop, and more. 

Skollevoll recently spoke with Sonic Perspectives’ collaborator Mark Boardman about the band, the album, and how one has to change when one hits the big 3-0. Listen to their relaxed chat below, and as usual you can subscribe to our podcast to be notified of all our interviews in a timely manner. And don’t forget to stalk us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.


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