IRON SAVIOR’s Piet Sielck: “Patrick Is a 100% Power Metal Drummer and That’s What We Need in IRON SAVIOR”

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Familiar to any friend of melodic, heavy sounds Iron Savior is the band around mastermind Piet Sielck, a staple in the power-metal scene of the last decades. In 1996 the multi-talented artist, who made a mark among others as a guitarist and producer, founded this solo project. The line-up carousel rotated steadily, but over the years, the outfit gained more and more full character of a band.

In 2019 finally the time has come to turn over a new leaf, the Hanseatic Metal-Institution has unleashed the martial titled album Kill Or Get Killed! with ten brand new songs. The fact that the artwork and the lyrics seem unusually grim in contrast to the earlier concept albums is no coincidence. “We just were up for something new, and I was inspired by the book The Star of Pandora a sci-fi novel about the destruction of humanity by an alien civilization,” explains Piet. Apart from that Iron Savior stick to their guns. From the first tune of the eponymous opener “Kill Or Get Killed” they are bringing the message home that they will take no prisoners like the dreadful creature at the front cover.

Expert interviewer and contributor to the Sonic Perspectives team Michael “MettleAngel” Francisco sat down with Piet Sielck to talk at length about the new record, the cool bonus track the band recorded for the Japanese version of the album, the possibility of a North America tour and more. Listen to their chat, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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