ANNIHILATOR Leader JEFF WATERS Talks New Album and RUSH Influence: “They Are Our National Heroes, Part of the Fabric of Canada and Its Culture”

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One of the longest-standing names in thrash, Annihilator continues their relentless pursuit of all things hard and heavy with more than thirty years and sixteen full-length albums to their name. Driving force of the band, taking on the roles of vocals, bass, guitar, and production throughout its history is frontman Jeff Waters. As though their career were not already fabled enough, on January 24th Annihilator will release their seventeenth album, titled Ballistic, Sadistic. This release comes just months after a two-month tour that spanned 43 stops in the fall of 2019. 

Given his involvement in every aspect of the band’s songwriting and production from its very inception, and a rotating cast of musicians for both live performances and studio albums, Annihilator has always been somewhat of a Jeff Waters project. After reprising his role as vocalist in 2015, Waters has taken the lead on “Ballistic, Sadistic” as not just vocalist and guitarist, but as producer. Though it is far from his first foray into production, it is an album that is derived in both spirit and concept from his many years of experience and experimentation. 

Ballistic, Sadistic” is also an opportunity to reach out more to the North American market after leaning heavily on releases and tours in Europe over the last two decades, even after Waters moved from Canada to England, taking his studio with him. Sonic Perspectives contributor Samantha Buckman spoke with Waters to discuss the new album’s concept and inspiration, but also spoke at length about his career as a musician in business, songwriting, and production. Listen to their interesting conversation below and remember to stalk us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.

Slideshow photographs by Empire Zone, Explosiv Graz, Dario De Marco and Metal Symphony


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