HASSE FROBERG On Why Melody Is A Staple Of Both THE FLOWER KINGS & His Own Solo Band: “We Have A Tradition Of Folk Music That Touches On All That We Do In The Rock Field”

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For 40 years, Hasse Froberg has been putting out quality music. For 30 of them, he’s been a part of Swedish prog band The Flower Kings. Therefore, 2024 is a banner year for him. And he’s celebrating that with a new album from his band Hasse Froberg and Musical Companion (HFMC). “Eternal Snapshots” is the sixth record by the group, and it is a wonderful examination of the ups and downs of life—both musically and lyrically.

Froberg spoke to Mark Boardman just a mere week before the album release (last June 6th), and they chatted about his long trek through rock and roll, which started with hard rock in the early ‘80s before morphing to progressive rock in the mid-’90s. He talked about the balancing act that he faces in performing with both The Flower Kings and HFMC and also examined the reasons why so many Swedish bands base their sounds on compelling melodies and hooks (yes, he and many other musicians did buy ABBA records when they were little kids).

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