EIRIKUR HAUKSSON, Singer/Lyricist for MAGIC PIE: “You Make Some Decisions in Your Life, and You Think You’re So Right. Then You Realize It Wasn’t Paradise”

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Eirikur Hauksson has had quite the career.  He started singing in Icelandic rock bands nearly 40 years ago.  He’s performed in the Eurovision Song Contest on multiple occasions.  Uriah Heep founder Ken Hensley hired Hauksson to sing with his band—which meant performing songs once presented by the legendary Dave Byron.

But for the last 12 years, Hauksson has made a name for himself as the singer/frontman/lyricist for the Norwegian group Magic Pie.

Hauksson recently spoke with Sonic Perspectives’ collaborator Mark Boardman about his background, Magic Pie, their new album Fragments of the 5th Element, and the lessons one learns in 60 years of living. As usual you can subscribe to our podcast to be notified of all our interviews in a timely manner. And don’t forget to stalk us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Slideshow photographs by Norrsken Photography and Design


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