VIDEO PREMIERE: Danish Pop/Rock Act SILVER Debuts New Single “Unafraid”

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Morten Bytoffe, one of the most promising shooting stars of the actual modern rock scene in Denmark, is back with the third single of his band SILVER, a track called “Unafraid”. Watch the video premiere below.

The song is about the courage to break out of a damaged relationship; to deal with the point of no return”, he says. “The message is very wide, but it is open to interpretation for the individual listener. It gives the listener the opportunity to relate to the song on a more personal level. “Unafraid” is about taking control of your own life and not letting others decide what you should do.”

“Unafraid” was written together with Danish pop comet Nicklas Sahl, and recorded and mixed at Medley Studio (Glenn Hughes, R.E.M, Prince) with Søren Andersen.

 SILVER is a relatively newcomer on the Danish pop/rock scene. With one foot in each camp, SILVER stands stylishly on two sides of the same coin; pop music and rock music.

The name SILVER emerged as a metaphor for the properties of the element itself. The fine, polished jewelry that symbolizes the pop aspect and the raw metal that reflects the rock elements in the music. The foundation of Silver’s sound reflects an inspiration from traditions in both pop and rock music, and it threads back to several decades in the music history.

With SILVER’S music in the ears you get associations to names like Adam Lambert (US), Tim Christensen (DK) and Carpark North (DK).

On March 20, Target Group released SILVER ‘s debut single “Let’s Go” – the first of a series of singles produced by Søren Andersen.


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