CHELSEA GRIN Vocalist TOM BARBER Recounts His Special Relationship With TREVOR STRNAD: “He Was The One Person Who I’ve Met… That Has Given Me Human Interaction”

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Chelsea Grin‘s vocalist Tom Barber is a formidable force in the metal world. Lately, the band has been dropping some intensely heavy singles from their upcoming record “Suffer In Hell“. This first half of a double-LP release is dropping on November 11, and from what we’ve been given so far, it sounds like it’s gonna be good time.

Forever Bloom” is the last single that was released before the record is out, but what makes this track special is the appearance of the late, and certainly great Trevor Strnad. The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist appears in a gargantuan sequence towards the end, and it’s the perfect cherry to go on top of this deathcore cake. People were understandably stoked to hear the legend’s vocals in an new way, and this came with hint of melancholy. For Barber, it went much deeper than just getting an iconic figure on the single.

Below you can watch an snippet of an upcoming an interview with Sonic Perspectives writer Josh Muncke, where Barber tells us who Strnad was to him, and opens up about the inspiration that he was on his development as a vocalist.


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