The Link Between Music, Casinos, and Casino Gaming

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Where would we be without music? Anyone who enjoys gaming, from casino gaming to FPS games, will know that sound and music play a massive role. Whether the music’s job is to set a fun tone for a game or it is trying to create tension in a horror game.

Casino games themselves have a lot of links with music, but so do casinos in general. Rat Pack musicians were one of the first examples of a whole genre and movement of music fully embracing casinos. Many of those Rat Pack stars were in the original Ocean’s Eleven film with its casino setting.

Connecting music and casinos, both in-person and online, provides a cool insight into how both industries work.

Music For Online Casinos

Online casinos are changing rapidly and including new and interesting technology. Play a casino game such as slots or blackjack and you’ll probably be met with some form of music setting the scene.

Slot games are the most obvious example of music being included in casino games, as they tend to have soundtracks that suit the mood of the game. An Asian-themed slot game may have music that uses Asian instrumentation to make it feel more authentic and add an extra layer of detail. Developers spend a lot of time and resources trying to create the top games and music is a way they can stand out.

Other forms of games are not as obvious, and audio may need to be more subtle so players can hear a dealer. For example, a modern trend among cryptocurrency casinos means a lot of Bitcoin casino games have live dealers that need to be able to communicate with the players. Audio is one of the methods for this, but there is sometimes still an option for some subtle background music to help add to the ambiance.

Background Music at Casinos

Music in the background is something that people may find if they visit in-person casinos. Casinos are designed to be locations with loads of forms of entertainment, not only games, and this means on the floor it is likely there’s some sort of music in the background. Naturally, online casinos have evolved to include similar forms of entertainment while players check out the latest slots and table games.

Casino brands both online and in-person may take a lot of time researching the types of music they want to play. Do they want to evoke memories of those “Rat Pack” players and give the feel of an old-fashioned casino or do they want something more modern and contemporary? Like being in a bar, the music can go a long way to determining the vibe and whether it is relaxed or a bit more upbeat.

Music-Themed Slot Games

Some huge bands have actually had themed slot games created around them and their music, and music is a common theme for developers to look into and build games around. Some slot games include musical mini-games, for instance.

Music can not just be used for the background of a game, it can play a key role in the mechanics and the whole feel of a slot or other game.

Casinos Used as Venues

Casino residencies are a big thing in the world of music. The two industries have grown and evolved together and some huge names have been known to perform at casinos. Not only names we associate with casinos like the great Frank Sinatra, but more modern performers still play at casinos.

On the upcoming tour, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor is even playing dates at casinos, and the type of metal music he plays may not be something that springs to mind when you think of casino gaming. Those Slipknot masks aren’t necessarily a casino staple!

Casinos are built to host a number of different events besides gaming and gambling, as we’ve already mentioned. Besides slots and table games, other areas people associate with casinos include fighting sports (boxing and MMA fights often take place in casinos), and also music. Musical residencies sometimes involve stars playing for weeks or even months at a time in a casino, taking over the evening entertainment slot. Developers of in-person casinos cleverly created spaces where events could take place at a professional standard with huge audiences and amazing sound quality.


Start to think about it and you’ll notice how many connections these industries have, stemming back decades in origin. Both have been revolutionized in recent years with technology such as Blockchain and streaming, plus the two were already linked. Gamers may play music-themed casino games, and brands may include music that helps their game appeal to more players. Musicians may take up a casino residency and play dates at a venue, and even appear in promotional materials for casino brands. The casino and music tie-in is not going to change anytime soon.


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