CONCERT REVIEW: THE USED Blesses The Emo Kids Yet Again (September 13th, 2023)

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On last Wednesday’s rainy night in Boston, “The Used Tour” rolled through Roadrunner with special guests Dead American and Sleeping with Sirens. The line of concertgoers waiting to be admitted inside the venue wrapped around the building as I entered, fans were snatching up merch at the booth right as they were allowed in, and the VIP goers were already pushed up to the barricade to hold down their positions for the night. With already over 100 people moving around this massive venue, it was showtime.

Dead American – formed in 2016 out of California – sported a very 90s, early 2000s grunge rock style, sound-wise and look-wise. I personally had never heard of this band until this night, but they truly have Boston fans with songs being sung back to the band and phone lights swaying side to side when they slowed it down. Lead singer, Cove Reber, who used to be the singer of Saosin, told the crowd “Thank you to the bands for being so f***ing awesome, I am having the time of my life, and thank you, guys, for being the coolest crowd so far on this tour!” The band’s energy started to be matched by the people still filling in and they absolutely commanded the stage with each song they played. For kicking off this night, they did a great job at getting us emo kids ready for what was next to come.


Boston loves Sleeping with Sirens. I almost thought more people were there to see them over The Used…almost. Sleeping with Sirens is a seasoned band based out of Florida starting in 2009. Since that time, they have gone through a handful of band member changes, but that never stopped the loyal fans from loving their music. Lead singer, Kellin Quinn, held nothing back telling fans the start of this tour has been a little rough but “hanging out every night with y’all makes it go away and the few hours we are here, leave all your bs behind and become one. It’s amazing to be on this stage.” Playing a variety of songs from older to new, I was impressed with the feedback from fans singing along to every single one. Each band member was electric, jumping high, spinning instruments, and interacting with one another mouthing the lyrics. I highly suggest seeing this unique rock band.


With Roadrunner now full of anticipating fans, The Used banner rose, and the crowd screamed. As I waited to be let into the photo pit the staff was handing out bottles of water to those who had been held up in their positions for hours hoping to make eye contact with their favorite band member and catch a stick or guitar pick that flies their way. I thought that was a classy move on the staff of Roadrunner. The first chord of ‘Pretty Handsome Awkward’ hits and it was time for this seasoned band of 25 years to have us all come together as one. The set production on this run is full of beautiful pink and white roses. The mic stands, the risers, the backdrop, and bright roses everywhere, matching the new album cover theme of “Toxic Positivity”. Supporting the new album they played a handful of songs from it, but The Used never disappoints and also threw into their setlist a wide variety of classics such as “I Caught Fire” and “All That I’ve Got”. The band interacted with the crowd, making faces, and always smiling, truly loving each moment and feeding off the energy coming off from their clamoring fans. I have seen this band many times, and I will keep coming back whenever they come around to warm our little emo hearts. From each show of them, you walk away with a positive memory pressed in your brain.

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