CONCERT REVIEW: LYNCH MOB Delivers a Wickedly Wild Time at Dingbatz, NJ (September 28th, 2023)

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If you want down-and-dirty rock and roll done right, mixed with some high-energy guitar madness, then look no further than Lynch Mob featuring George Lynch. The band is currently on tour this summer and early fall ahead of their new release, “Babylon”, out October 20th. Tonight’s stop, September 28th, [George‘s birthday], is at Dingbatz in downtown Clifton, NJ.

The latest iteration of Lynch Mob features Jimmy D’Anda [drums], Jaron Gulino [bassist], and Gabriel Colon [vocals]. Together with George, they wasted no time getting the evening off to a fast start, beginning with “Lightning Strikes Again,” and so began the musical journey.

With red lighting surrounding the band to compliment George‘s fiery playing, they pulled out all the stops on their second song, “River of Love,” as Lynch exploded some heads for over 70 minutes with his unconventional scales, arpeggios, chiming harmonics, whammy bar dives, wah-wah skills, and signature vibrato technique. All songs were filled with his trademark chunky guitar tone.

Before the show, I asked Lynch how his guitar tone and playing are always identifiable regardless of which band he plays with and if he considers that a gift or a curse. He responded, “I’m fine with it because I don’t think I’m limited with it in my vocabulary. I’m not saying that to blow smoke up my own ass, but I still listen to other styles and know I can push myself further outside. I won’t continue and default to the same lick over and over again. Not to say that hasn’t happened, but the challenge is to continually push myself beyond what I have done in the past. To expand my thinking and creative horizons yet stay true to who I am while not copying anybody or doing something to prove a point. It’s a balancing act, and I try to keep it interesting to myself and the listener.” The all-ages Clifton audience was clearly mesmerized.

Fans were treated to their big songs, some great deep cuts, and a few brand-new songs off “Babylon”, all designed to deliver a high-caliber performance.  In all, thirteen songs were hammered out, including seven Lynch Mob songs, “For a Million Years,” “Main Offender,” “Rain,” and “Wicked Sensation,” plus six Dokken songs, including “When Heaven Comes Down,” and “It’s Not Love.” The new songs played off “Babylon” were “Time After Time” and “The Synner,” with its slow, sleazy infectious groove. Lynch Mob is the perfect escape from all the nonsense happening in the world and immerse yourself in live music’s power while taking in some comedic moments of a forgotten song, chop busting, birthday cake, song requests, and a guitar malfunction. Was it scripted? Was it real, it doesn’t matter!

George has remained musically steadfast and consistently powerful since he first came on the scene in the early 80s as a member of the Dokken, releasing countless albums throughout his career with Dokken, Lynch Mob, KXM, project bands, and as a solo artist, averaging at least an album a year. A feat not many musicians can boast. He is a gifted guitarist with an expansive, colorful, and unique tonal palette as he draws upon his countless years of practical experience, which he showcased on “Mr. Scary” and the extended funky solo at the end of “It’s Not Love.”

By mid-set, it soon became apparent that his guitar was an extension of his body, and the sounds emanating from his Marshall amp weren’t necessarily guitar sounds but harmonic textures. You could feel the passion, desire, and pain expressed on his face while he played blazed through the set. It was as if he was saying, “I’m George Lynch, and you can’t ignore what I’m doing up here!”

The band was fired up and sweaty, clearly feeding off the energy and vibe that the crowd was throwing out. Vocalist Gabriel, clad in a studded black leather jacket, exudes charisma and a rock-star attitude as he led the band on a rock and roll mission of mad-capped fun. He is a powerfully expressive vocalist and entertainer, which sharply came into focus as he sang the band’s two new tracks. Jaron‘s driving style of bass playing, backing vocals, and head banging propelled the songs nicely as he played in the pocket of nearly naked drummer Jimmy‘s precise and pounding drumming.

The night ended as furiously as it started with “Wicked Sensation” and Dokken‘s “Tooth & Nail.” These four musicians rocked out to groove-inspired songs with insanely good riffs and leads. Together, they provided an evening filled with tremendous flashbacks from George‘s career while creating some amazing memories with their new songs. George said it best as he ended the show, “I hope everyone enjoyed the bad humor and good music!” Tickets to their remaining shows or to pre-order “Babylon”, visit THIS LOCATION.

LYNCH MOB Photo Gallery (Photos by Robert Cavuoto):


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